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Probably the shortest hike for the biggest payoff I have ever done. Beautiful waterfall from any angle!

Garrapata Beach is so pretty! It's so much fun to just watch the waves and relax to the sounds of nature here.

Nov 15 to March 31 this is closed FYI due to eagles. Haven’t done the hike so ignore the review/rating. I went during the winter not knowing it was closed.

Such a pretty park and all free! This was a very scenic and easy hike! Would totally recommend.


Along with Fisherman's Wharf, this is a must do while in SF! Street performers, harbor seals, and lots of restaurants and shops!

If you have a small amount of free time in between your other SF stops check this place out. But, I would not make it a priority if you are pressed for time. Still fun to see, but there's cooler stuff close by (including Fisherman's Wharf and Land's End Hike).

Plenty to do in this area! Lots of good eats (be prepared to wait as it's always crowded) and good views. I would suggest using public transportation or uber/lyft to get here, parking is stressful.

Beautiful hike the entire way and the waterfall is gorgeous!

Clean water to swim in! Nice views. If you live in certain parts of Mohave area there is not a ton to do and Lake Mead sure helps with that!

Did this years ago when I was just a kid. I hope they replace it soon! This was a fun thing to do in Door County area.

This is such a beautiful state park in WI! Plenty to see and do here. Lots of cute wineries close by too!

We did this through a guide as none of us had ever hiked on a glacier before. It was such an awesome experience and I would 100% recommend it! The glacier is beautiful and I learned a ton. So much fun!

We did this hike with Miller's Landing as part of a kayak/hike combo trip. This was a nice hike. It was one of our first hikes in AK! Scenic and learned some interesting history too.

Kenai Fjords is such an insanely jaw dropping NP! While living in Anchorage for 3 months for work we came here all the time! Anytime we had guests we told them to take a boat tour with Major Marine Tours. It should not be missed. Seward is such a cool town to explore too. There is so much to do and see here! This park will always have a special place in my heart.

Easy, un-intimidating hike in Denali! Would 100% recommend, especially like another reviewer said if you need to fill in a few hours in the park and still do something scenic and fun! Decent amount of people, but not in an obnoxious way, more in a "I feel safer b/c of bears" way!

We didn't do the entire thing, but even just the short bit we did had great views of this stunning glacier. I love how they marked off where the glacier used to be, so we can have a visual reminder about climate change. Totally worth doing this, plus it's close to Seward!

Fun place to explore in AK. Scenic and easy to get to (depending on the time of year and snow fall). Don't just go to the Mine here, check out some of the views in Hatcher Pass too while here!

Awesome hike close to Anchorage. Get started early and then when you are done relax by the lake! $5 parking charge (another reason to get there early, this place fills up). We also did Pepper Peak Trail in addition to this. Love this lake!

This park is fantastic! Visiting AK and haven't seen a moose yet?! Head here! There are tons of walking trails, disc golf, mountain biking, and so much more. A must do while in AK!

The first few times we stopped to hike this we had to turn around b/c of bears, typical AK! But, eventually we made it! Bring $5 to use the trail and park. Easy hike, but I would not make a trip specifically for this, make it part of a road trip.

Great spot to stop! Beautiful, but crowded. Worth the stop though!

Another wonderful hike in GSMNP! Beautiful scenery. Easy hike!

Easy, scenic and features waterfalls! Great hike! Didn't run into many people either when we were there in early May!

A must do if in the area. Nice views and fun hike up!