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Mike QuineExplorer

...a year long journey through the American landscape of our National Parks. Disengaged from societal pursuits to set out alone and face the uncertainty guaranteed by the Wilderness. Hardening both hands and mind through tempered resolve.

West Rim Trail, Zion NP

Hurricane, Utah

14.41 mi / 3000 ft gain

East Rim Trail, Zion NP

Orderville, Utah

10.19 mi / 3000 ft gain

Summit Bonanza Peak, Wrangell-St. Elias NP

Chitina, Alaska

9 mi / 4000 ft gain

Explore Wrangell-St. Elias National Park Kennecott Mines

Chitina, Alaska

1 mi / 100 ft gain

Hike Wildcat Canyon Trail, Zion NP

Springdale, Utah

5.88 mi

Hike through the American Camp

Friday Harbor, Washington

3 mi

Backpack Windigo to South Lake Desor, Isle Royale NP

Eagle Harbor Township, Michigan

11.3 mi / 1400 ft gain

Summit Wheeler Peak

Baker, Nevada

16 mi / 5500 ft gain

Paddle The Everglades' Wilderness Waterway

Ochopee, Florida

Hike Along Mendocino Cliffs Trail

Mendocino, California

1.5 mi

Drive Scenic Route to Oxbow Overlook

Watford City, North Dakota

14 mi

Backpack to Pelton Basin in North Cascades NP

Skagit County, Washington

4.2 mi / 1600 ft gain

Trans-Zion Trek, Zion NP

New Harmony, Utah

100.6 mi

Summit Igloo Mountain

Healy, Alaska

3.76 mi / 2385 ft gain

Hike the Island Trail, Walnut Canyon

Flagstaff, Arizona

1 mi / 200 ft gain

Hop Valley Trail, Zion NP

Virgin, Utah

14.58 mi / 1000 ft gain

Summit Telescope Peak

Inyo County, California

12.2 mi / 3258 ft gain

Connector Trail, Zion NP

Virgin, Utah

4.9 mi

Hike the Full West Rim Trail, Zion NP

Hurricane, Utah

14.5 mi / 3000 ft gain

Hike to Smuggler's Cove, Channel Islands NP

Ventura, California

8 mi

Descend the Gunnison Trail, Black Canyon of the Gunnison NP

Montrose, Colorado

1 mi / 1800 ft gain