Backpack the Trans-Zion Trek, Zion NP

47 Miles Round Trip - Point-to-Point Trail

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Not officially its own trail but rather a culmination of six separate trails that span the entirety of Zion National Park. Totaling over 47 miles long, this is the ultimate, long distance adventure offered within the borders of Zion National Park. From the Southeast corner to the Northwest corner (or Vice versa) and everything in between. 

The following adventure guide for the Trans-Zion Trek will actually consist of six separate trails. The trails listed below are listed in order, going West to East. If the individual trail adventure is composed on the site as going east to west, it will be indicated that the reverse hike will be required for completing the trek in the below order. Please click on each trail name for a full description of the adventure.

La Verkin Creek Trail: Starting at Lee Pass, the first 7 miles of La Verkin Trail terminates at the Kolob Arch. From there you can exit the La Verkin Trail and proceed due south on the Hop Valley Trail.

Hop Valley Trail: Starting just east of the Kolob Arch Trail, this 6.5 mile hike through the Hop Valley, allows you the opportunity to pass between massive red cliff faces and privately controlled farm land. (To be hiked in REVERSE direction as composed in link)

Connector Trail: Calming meadows, sweeping vistas, and slick rock scrambling. A 4-mile hike and access route that connects the Hop Valley Trail and the Wildcat Canyon Trail.

Wildcat Canyon Trail: Picking up at its intersection with the Connector Trail (1 mile from the Wildcat Canyon Trailhead), this nearly 5 mile stretch of trail descends into the Wildcat Canyon prior to connecting with the West Rim Trail.

West Rim Trail: Just over of 14 miles, this leg of the journey is the longest stretch of the trek. Terminating at the Park's central road (the Grotto), the West Rim Trail is also host to the trailhead for Angel's Landing - a popular attraction and side hike for the strong of heart (and if you have any gas left in your tank). For me, I pulled off the West Rim Trail at the Grotto, following a trek up Angel's Landing.

East Rim Trail: To conclude the Trans-Zion Trek, the final leg of the journey is this 11-mile stretch of trail concludes at the East Entrance. Valleys, slickrock, and calf-busting ascents/descents mark this final leg of the journey. While on the trail, consider the side hike option of climbing up to Observation Point - though bring plenty of water (Backpack + Observation Point Trail = Sweat). (To be hiked in REVERSE direction as composed in link).

Congrats! You completed the penultimate challenge! Though there is still plenty of Zion to see off of these six trails (i.e. The Narrows), the Trans-Zion Trek will allow you to see one corner of this park to the other - and (nearly) everything in between. 




47 Miles
Point-to-Point Trail

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One of the most scenic backpacking trips

I backpacked this with my wife and a couple friends in 2015 on a slightly rainy weekend. The solitude on the trail in such a packed National Park was amazing and the scenery was top notch