Top Adventures in Healy

  • Hike to Horseshoe Lake, Denali NP

    Horseshoe Trail is located inside of Denali National Park in Alaska. This area provides a ton of lakes, open meadows, and free ranging wildlife, such as moose, grizzly bears, and caribou.Starting at the parking lot near the railroad tracks, you fo...

    3 miles 255 ft gain

  • Hike the McKinley Station Trail

    The halfway point is the park visitor's center. This trail is perfect for families and all skill levels. The trail features beautiful wild flowers and is best used from April to August.  Photos: Denali NPS and Kenneth Schneider

    2.9 miles 459 ft gain

  • Hike the Triple Lakes Trail

    The Triple Lakes Trail is an 18.9 out and back hike, featuring three lakes and is rated as difficult. The trail is recommended for use from April to September.You can park at the Visitor Center at Denali National Park and take the free Denali Park...

    18.9 miles 4963 ft gain

  • Hike the Rock Creek Trail

    This trail climbs above the Park Road between the Park Headquarters and the Visitor's Center. The initial 600 foot ascent of the trail rewards hikers with a gorgeous view of the river valley and of the Alaska Range on a clear day. There is a bench...

    4.5 miles 1240 ft gain

  • Hike the Roadside Trail

    The trail is well maintained and commonly used as a way to get from one building to the next. This trail also leads to the kennels where sled dog demonstrations occur.  Photos: Arthur Chapman and Erik Segerdell

    1.8 miles 300 ft gain

  • Hike the Taiga Trail

    The trail is a quick and scenic 1.6 miles, with wonderful wild flowers and ample opportunities to see wildlife (along with the surrounding river valley and Alaska Range). The Taiga trail is best used from April to August. This trail also serves th...

    1.6 miles 298 ft gain

  • Hike Mount Healy Overlook Trail

    The trailhead for the Mt Healy Overlook Trail is located at the visitor center, just inside Denali National Park. Take the Taiga Trail, and follow signs to the Mt Healy Overlook Trailhead. There is plenty of signage and it's an easy trail to follo...

    2.7 miles 1700 ft gain

  • Hike the Bison Gulch Trail

    The Bison Gulch Trail is approximately 9.4 miles out and back. You'll hardly notice the distance as your attention will be on stunning Mt. Healy. The hike begins at the Denali Visitor center, and climbs approximately 3900 feet in elevation. Wear a...

    9.4 miles 3894 ft gain

  • Hike the Stampede Trail to the Magic Bus

    * Updated June 18, 2020: Due to safety concerns, the bus has been removed from this location.The trail to the Magic Bus is roughly 18.6 miles long and starts at the point where you no longer can drive, which is typically Eightmile Lake. Offroad ve...

    37.2 miles 1271 ft gain

  • Winter Camp at Wonder Lake

    There are multiple ways to do this trip - ski, mush, or by flying in a bush plane and then meeting up with a group of mushers. I highly recommend doing ANY of them, but most likely you will need to assess your time, skill, and budget to decide wha...

  • Hike the Savage River Loop

    The Savage River Loop is a quick and enjoyable 1.9 mile trail. In the summer, both wildlife and wildflowers are abundant. Located right before the checkpoint in Denali National Park where private vehicles are restricted.  Photos: Erik Segerdell an...

    1.9 miles 623 ft gain

  • Camp at Savage River Campground

    The campground has limited cell reception and no wifi. Open fires are permitted at the campground. There are three group campsites available, which facilitate 9-20 people. Normal campsites host a maximum of 8 people.  A free bus service is availab...

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    • Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska

      Denali National Park Campgrounds

      Dining Hungry? The Morino Grill has you covered. Located next to the visitor center, it’s the only dining inside Denali National Park, and offers cafeteria-style array of options such as burgers, p...

      From $30/night

    • Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska

      Denali Park Village

      Rooms There’s nothing like returning to your room to find warm beds welcoming you back from a day of adventures. Denali Lodge rooms offer great comforts and amenities, complete with beautiful views...

      From $246/night

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