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Spend a Night at TreeHouse Point

Issaquah, Washington

This is one of the most magical and romantic places on the planet to get a good night's rest. You'll find that words will escape you when it comes to describing how this place makes you feel.

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Climb Mt. Wilson from Chantry Flat

Arcadia, California

Mt. Wilson is one of the more difficult mountains in the San Gabriel to hike, making this adventure Intermediate.

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Hike Sandstone Peak

Malibu, California

If you live in Los Angeles, Sandstone Peak is a must! The hike to the summit can be done on a 2 mile hike up and back on Sandstone Peak Trail, or a 6.5 mile hike up and back on Backbone Trail.

523 Saves

Hike to and Rapel Thalehaha Falls in Rubio Canyon

Altadena, California

If you are new to canyoneering and want to do an adventure like this, reach out to the guys and girls at The Blue 8 target="_blank" who guided us through Rubio Canyon.

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Beach Camp on Santa Rosa Island

Ventura, California

This adventure is not for the inexperienced.

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Backpack Zaca Ridge

Los Olivos, California

From Santa Ynez, CA take Armour Rd until it hits Happy Canyon Rd, and make a left. Follow this scenic drive through vineyards and oak shaded pastures into the Angeles National Forest.

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Explore the Lookout from Chained Rock

Pineville, Kentucky

Located just north of the Cumberland Gap, Chained Rock is a local landform made unique by a long slung chain that comes with a tall tale of it's creation.

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Camp at Canyon de Chelly

Chinle, Arizona

Canyon de Chelly has been inhabited for over 6,000 years by both the Navajo peoples and the Anasazi peoples.

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Explore the Mud Volcanoes of the Salton Sea

Calipatria, California

It should be noted that extreme caution should be practiced when going to the mud volcanoes. While the photographs above appear close, they were taken on a zoom lens from a safe distance.

291 Saves

Hiking the Piru Creek Gorge Trail

Castaic, California

Take the I-5 exit North of Castaic, CA at Templin Hwy. Turn onto Golden State Hwy heading the only direction it goes from the exit, North.

272 Saves

Hike Superior's Pictured Rocks Shore to Au Sable Lighthouse

Shingleton, Michigan

This trip works best with two cars where the first is dropped off at the Twelvemile Beach Parking Lot), and carpooled over to the Miner's Castle Parking Lot.

271 Saves

Hike the Sacred Steps of Bear Mountain

Vale, South Dakota

Bear Mountain or Mathó Pahá as it's called by the Lakota peoples, is the leftover remnants of an ancient volcanic plug.

222 Saves

Hike to Mt. Disappointment

Los Angeles County, California

From the 210 Freeway in La Cañada, take California Highway 2 north 14 miles up into the San Gabriel Mountains.

210 Saves

Photograph Death Valley's Wildflower Bloom

Inyo County, California

Every spring, a few plants and flowers spring up from the driest place in North America, California's Death Valley National Park.

203 Saves

Hike Carpenter and Angel Falls

Moravia, New York

Head 12 miles south on Route 41A along Skaneateles Lake from Skaneateles NY. Make a left onto Appletree Point Road  and go a little more than a half mile to where the intersection of Carver Road is.

195 Saves

Surf Fishing Off Of Inspiration Point

Rancho Palos Verdes, California

Tucked away, at the base of Inspiration Point in Palos Verdes is an outcropping of rocks, perfect for surf casting and catching ocean fish, away from the crowds.

177 Saves

Camp at Dave's Hollow Campground

Garfield County, Utah

We all know the crowds well at our favorite National Parks, and Bryce Canyon is no exception.

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Snow Hike Lightning Ridge

Wrightwood, California

When you hear the report about snow in the San Gabriels, it's time to plan this hike! Only a short 90 minute drive is all that separates nearly a third of California's population from high-altitude .

101 Saves

Hike the West Fork of Cold Spring

Montecito, California

If you love the mountains above Santa Barbara but hate the crowds, stick to the canyon trails on the east side.

100 Saves

Off-Trail Hike of Limestone Ridge

Chaffee County, Colorado

Finding a winter or early spring adventure that won't take you deep into dangerous mountain territory, while still providing epic vistas, is a challenge in Colorado.

84 Saves

Sail on Monterey Bay

Monterey, California

Few places along the California coast are perfectly suited for a day of sailing.

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Bike along the Cuyahoga River via Lock 39 Trailhead

Valley View, Ohio

The best way to tack the Towpath Trail along the remains of the Ohio and Erie Canal is by peddling it.

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Hike the Cliff Shelf Nature Trail

Interior, South Dakota

About 4 miles south of the Northeast Park Entrance, just past the Castle Trailhead, is the Cliff Shelf Nature Trailhead.

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Ice Fishing on Presque Isle Bay

Erie, Pennsylvania

If you love ice fishing, you know that waiting until late January can be agonizing.

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Walk the Loop at Pipestone National Monument

Pipestone, Minnesota

Near the border of South Dakota in Minnesota, 30 minutes north of I-90 on County Route 23 or State Route 75 is the historic town of Pipestone.

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Relax on Eureka Peak

Riverside County, California

Accessing Covington Flats in Joshua Tree National Park requires a high ground-clearance overland vehicle. Bring spare water and emergency tools incase of a breakdown.

37 Saves

Hike the Roughlock Falls Trail

Lead, South Dakota

The trailhead to Roughlock Falls is in the town of Savoy, SD in the Black Hills. From Spearfish on I-90, head south on Route 14 for 15 miles into Savoy.

32 Saves

Hike the Covington Crest Trail

Riverside County, California

Accessing Covington Flats in Joshua Tree National Park requires a high ground-clearance overland vehicle. In the summer months a standard car might make it to the parking lot after the 7.

23 Saves

Kayak Sylvan Lake

Custer, South Dakota

There are a few reservoirs within the hot and dry Black Hills of South Dakota. The water here comes from the harsh winter month's snowpack or frequent afternoon thunderstorms.

22 Saves

Off-Road to La Lobera Sea Cave

El Aguajito, Mexico

The road from the highway to the coast is packed sand and gravel. Fortunately the marine fog keeps the sand in good condition for traveling over.

19 Saves

Kayak Coronado Island in Loreto Bay

Loreto Municipality, Mexico

There are several ways to kayak to Coronado Island at the north end of Loreto Bay. The easiest way is to drive north from town on Davis Street.

18 Saves

Climb the Bakan of Angkor Wat

Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia

Angkor Wat was constructed in the 12th century during the golden years of the Khmer Empire. King Suryavarman II built the Hindu temple to the God Vishnu.

8 Saves

Hike El Tular Canyon in the Sierra de la Gigante Mountains

Loreto Municipality, Mexico

My favorite time to make this hike is just before sunrise. The alpine glow on the range above the cool canyon is a beautiful sight.

8 Saves

Hike to Thác Hoài Dương Waterfall

Côn Đảo, Vietnam

Take Võ Thị Sáu street north out of Côn Đảo for about 1 kilometer past the old park office on the left. The road will split to the right and fade to the left here.

3 Saves

Explore the Marble Mountains

Hòa Hải, Vietnam

Located only a few minutes south of Danang stands 5 solid stone mountains that jut out of the coastal landscape.

2 Saves

Explore the Hidden Lagoon at Đầm Trầu Beach

Côn Đảo, Vietnam

There are only a handful of beaches in Vietnam worth visiting as most are found on the edges of river deltas and steeped in mud.

2 Saves

Swim at Bãi Nhát Beach

Côn Đảo, Vietnam

No visit to Côn Sơn Island is complete without watching a sunset behind the incredible cliffs of Little Côn Lôn Island.

1 Saves

Escape to the Ruins of Beng Mealea

Svay Leu, Cambodia

Halfway between the temple city of Angkor Thom and Koh Ker on the old imperial road lies Beng Melea. This is a perfect temple to visit after picking up passes from the park ticket office in Siem Reap.

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Fire Road Camping in the Sierra Pelonas

Santa Clarita, California

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Hike to the Seven Sisters Waterfalls

Palm Springs, California

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Explore Côn Đảo National Park

Côn Đảo, Vietnam

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Spend a Night in Dumont Dunes

San Bernardino County, California

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Shoot the Milky Way from Dixie Butte

Prairie City, Oregon

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