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Michael WigleExplorer

Exploring our incredible world through Film, Photography, and Story. Always looking for my next adventure and my next partnership through my work and art. Mahalo!

Backpack Zaca Ridge

Los Olivos, California

8 mi / 2200 ft gain

Hike the Covington Crest Trail

Riverside County, California

4.2 mi / 200 ft gain

Snow Hike Lightning Ridge

Wrightwood, California

5.1 mi / 900 ft gain

Camp at Dave's Hollow Campground

Garfield County, Utah

4.2 mi / 800 ft gain

Hike to Mt. Disappointment

Los Angeles County, California

3 mi / 1200 ft gain

Ice Fishing on Presque Isle Bay

Erie, Pennsylvania


Sandstone Peak

Malibu, California

3.03 mi / 971 ft gain

Sail on Monterey Bay

Monterey, California

Escape to the Ruins of Beng Mealea

Svay Leu, Cambodia

1.2 mi / 65.6 ft gain

Climb the Bakan of Angkor Wat

Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia

0.2 mi / 164 ft gain

Hike to Thác Hoài Dương Waterfall

Côn Đảo, Vietnam

3.1 mi / 492.1 ft gain

Miners Castle to Au Sable Lighthouse

Munising, Michigan

27.32 mi / 2323 ft gain

Hike the West Fork of Cold Spring

Montecito, California

Hike the Roughlock Falls Trail

Lead, South Dakota

4.2 mi / 50 ft gain

Camp at Canyon de Chelly

Chinle, Arizona

3 mi

Photograph Death Valley's Wildflower Bloom

Inyo County, California

2 mi / 200 ft gain

Swim at Bãi Nhát Beach

Côn Đảo, Vietnam

Explore the Hidden Lagoon at Đầm Trầu Beach

Côn Đảo, Vietnam

0.6 mi / 32.8 ft gain

Spend a Night at TreeHouse Point

Issaquah, Washington


Off-Trail Hike of Limestone Ridge

Chaffee County, Colorado

9 mi / 1000 ft gain

Explore the Mud Volcanoes of the Salton Sea

Calipatria, California

4 mi

Hike the Sacred Steps of Bear Mountain

Vale, South Dakota

3.5 mi / 1200 ft gain

Eureka Peak

Yucca Valley, California

0.47 mi / 82 ft gain

Off-Road to La Lobera Sea Cave

El Aguajito, Mexico