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Michael WigleExplorer

Exploring our incredible world through Film, Photography, and Story. Always looking for my next adventure and my next partnership through my work and art. Mahalo!

Miners Castle to Au Sable Lighthouse

Munising, Michigan

27.32 mi / 2323 ft gain

Off-Road to La Lobera Sea Cave

El Aguajito, Mexico

Explore the Lookout from Chained Rock

Pineville, Kentucky


Hike to and Rapel Thalehaha Falls in Rubio Canyon

Altadena, California

3 mi / 710 ft gain

Hiking the Piru Creek Gorge Trail

Castaic, California

Backpack Zaca Ridge

Los Olivos, California

8 mi / 2200 ft gain

Surf Fishing Off Of Inspiration Point

Rancho Palos Verdes, California

Hike to Mt. Disappointment

Los Angeles County, California

3 mi / 1200 ft gain

Hike the Cliff Shelf Nature Trail

Interior, South Dakota

0.75 mi / 200 ft gain

Explore the Marble Mountains

Hòa Hải, Vietnam

1.9 mi / 328.1 ft gain

Hike Carpenter and Angel Falls

Moravia, New York

3 mi / 450 ft gain

Beach Camp on Santa Rosa Island

Ventura, California

16 mi / 50 ft gain

Snorkel Kapalua Bay

Kapalua, Hawaii

Hike El Tular Canyon in the Sierra de la Gigante Mountains

Loreto Municipality, Mexico

2.5 mi / 328.1 ft gain

Kayak Coronado Island in Loreto Bay

Loreto Municipality, Mexico

5 mi

Bike along the Cuyahoga River via Lock 39 Trailhead

Valley View, Ohio

39.57 mi / 1804 ft gain