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Chinle, Arizona

Top Spots in and near Chinle

  • Chinle, Arizona

    Hope Arch

    1.46 mi / 95 ft gain
    …Not sure about everyone else, but who doesn’t enjoy a less visited natural arch?!This natural arch sits in Chinle's small town, just west of Canyon De Chelly National Monument. Hope Arch is definitely a gem that the locals know about, and the tourists do not, so if you plan to explore this arch,...
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  • Chinle, Arizona

    Camp at Canyon de Chelly

    3 mi
    Canyon de Chelly has been inhabited for over 6,000 years by both the Navajo peoples and the Anasazi peoples. The ruins through the walls of the canyon are from the Anasazi people date back to almost 7,000 years ago. Due to the significance and sacred nature of this area, hiking and backpacking wi...
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