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Mt. Wilson Loop from Chantry Flat

Arcadia, California

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12.74 miles

Elevation Gain

4852 ft

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Added by Michael Wigle

This Mt. Wilson route is the best way to train for longer expeditions. This vigorous mountain hike offering rewarding views. You can add another 4 miles if you return on the wilderness trail.

Mt. Wilson is one of the more difficult mountains in the San Gabriel to hike, making this adventure Intermediate. While 5,700 feet doesn't seem that tall, the mountain has a prominence of almost 5,300 feet, meaning that hike is steeper and longer than some of the other popular mountains that start you near the summit. The trail from Chantry Flat is an old packing trail that carves close to the steep mountain, making for some spectacular views on either side of Mt. Wilson. This also means switchbacks that travel up and down, giving you almost 6,000 feet of climbing do to in the process.

By taking Santa Anita Ave. all the way north to her terminus, you will drive through the Angeles National Forest gate and up the winding canyon road to Chantry Flat. You will need an Adventure Pass, Forestry Pass, or day pass which you can get from the park office just off the 210 Freeway at the Santa Anita Ave. exit. The gate opens at 6 am and closes at 9pm everyday, so make sure you have enough time to hike and get back to your car, otherwise, you'll be spending the night!

The old camping and mule-packing outpost is at the head of the trail. Typically, low clouds in the canyon will be hanging around this elevation. At only 30 minutes from downtown Los Angeles, this is a surreal moment in the silence of the canyon, and in the shadow of the mountains. It's a great way to decompress from life in the city, and get an authentic backcountry experience. Here, the store is open just about the same hours as the gate (allowing time to arrive and close). You can pick up any missed essentials, including a map, and make some new friends with a wealth of knowledge on this area.

The trail is near the store, and clearly marked "Mt. Wilson" so don't delay and start your hike. The first few miles switch easily around the steep chaparral canyon walls in the cool morning air. There is lots of wildlife to be seen, and in spring, the canyon is lush, green, and full of flowers. In about an hour you will come to the first real switch back. This one sets the pace for the rest of the day, as it climbs 800 ft into a steep alpine forested section. Don't be surprised if you're out of breath, this will help warm you up for the day.

The switchbacks through the forest continue for a few miles at a good pace. There are some downhill sections through areas you couldn't image existing from looking at the mountain from Pasadena. If you've hiked the ridge trail from Sierra Madre, you've missed out on the untouched natural north face of the ridge. Eventually, you will make it out onto the ridge, and into the sun. There is a bench to catch your breath for a moment, as the first section is done. Grab a snack, and head up the ridge, following the "Mt. Wilson" signs.

After passing the radio tower station, it will likely be very hot and dry, so make sure you stay hydrated. The last push to the summit is a long switchback that slowly increases in steepness as it nears the big towers at the top. The views across the ridges are spectacular, so the slow pace is enjoyable. Once you are at the summit, there is a viewing platform with the Cosmic Cafe. During the summer months, you don't need to carry a lunch, just some cash if you want to eat there and take in the views that stretch beyond Catalina Island. On a clear day, you can see forever!

You can then visit the free museum about the observatory, walk the road along the various telescopes until it ends, and stand on the overlook to take in 360º views of the San Gabriel wilderness. Don't spend too long, as you are not only beating the clock to not get shut in, but darkness, which will blanket the northern trail by about 7pm. It's quicker to retrace your steps down the Mt. Wilson Trail, but more of a challenge and scenic, to take the Sturtevant Trail an additional 4 miles, deep into the backside of the valley.

The head of the Sturtevant Trail is right across from the main telescope, and is clearly marked. I recommend having a map for this section, as one wrong turn will take you deep into the San Gabriels, far from cell-reception and Chantry Flat. The descent begins steeply along switchbacks in thick pine forests. There are some sections that are prone to washout, so make sure that you are on the trail, and not wandering off of it. There is a section near a rock gully that can be confusing without a map, so use it!

Toward the bottom of the canyon, there are cabins, and two trail heads to stay off of. The first is the Mt. Zion trail to the right. Within a few hundred feet is the fork for the Gabrieleno Trail. Stay to the right and head deeper down the canyon toward Sturtevant. This section is relaxing after the long day of steep hiking. It's cool in the summer months along the wash which usually isn't dry until late August. There are waterfalls, deciduous trees, and moss. It's a different world as the sun casts a shadow, reminding you to keep a decent pace to the end. There are dozens of picturesque cabins nestled into the rocks, over waterfalls, and it all looks out of a fairy tale.

Toward the end of the Gabrieleno trail is the paved road back up to Chantry. There is another sign marking it. You will switchback up a steep section once more, and on your first trip, it will likely already be dark. Get to your car and head down the road. If you're lucky, you'll be able to fit in an incredible sunset over the San Gabriel Valley, still 1,000 feet above it. It's a fitting end to 12+ hour trek!

On the way back down Santa Anita Ave. off of Huntington Dr. is Matt Denny's Ale House. They serve Bell's Brewery beer from Michigan. I always recommend a Two Hearted Ale to recover from that trip!

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Mt. Wilson Loop from Chantry Flat Reviews

did this hike the morning after daylight savings kicked in, so there went a much-needed hour of sleep out the window! Get there EARLY as parking fills up fast. I parked around 6:20 and it was nearly full. I spoke with another hiker later who said he arrived shortly before 7:00am and they were closing the gates behind him as parking was at capacity. I chose to summit via the Stuartevant trail and back down the Wilson trail (opposite from this post). A lot of nice waterfall features with the rain we've had thus far this year. Past Stuartevant Camp, the final 3-ish miles are a butt-kicker as the grade increases quite a bit (I calculated approx. 18%!!). But once at the top, it was a nice walk through the grounds, with a much needed rest at the Cosmic Café (still closed; opens on April 1) and ate lunch. Then down! This was my first of the #SixPackofPeaks. 5 more to go.

A great all day hike (and I mean all day, 8am to 5pm!). Has the intense elevation gain of the Eastern Sierra, but much closer to home. Folks I know used this hike to train for Mt. Whitney. Fingers crossed you get a clear day at the top, you'll see all the way to the cargo ships in Long Beach. I've seen bobcats on the trail, so keep a lookout!

I went to Mt. Wilson today! This is an incredible hike. Once we got away from the crowds who stick close to the falls trail and the Chantry Flats parking lot, it felt like we were far away from LA. Unfortunately we didn't summit since we hadn't gotten started on the hike until 11 am. We turned around in the rock garden area after realizing that we still had another 1.5ish hours to the top. By that point, it was after 2pm. I am a slow hiker and this trail is STEEP - I had read about a net elevation gain of 3900 feet but that number is misleading, you will climb more than that, descend, and climb again. Coming down was faster, and we made it back to our car just as the sun was going down at about 4:45pm. Can't wait to go again with an earlier start and have time to summit. Make sure you bring a snack or two, a map, plenty of water (2 or 3 liters), and some electrolytes.

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