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    Top Spots in and near Mexico

    • 24.244661,-110.151240, Mexico

      Camp at El Saltito

      Most visitors to La Paz (understandably) head to the incomparable Playa Balandra, but if you are looking for solitude, El Saltito is just a few minutes away and features incredible snorkeling, a massive forest cardon, and a fantastic sunrise view.To get there head out of town on Colosio, past For...
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    • Ensenada, Mexico

      SUP in Remote Cove near Punta Cabras, Baja

      Just near Punta Cabras, Baja California, Mexico you'll find this splendor of a cove! Great for supping, low key surfing, and swimming. If you're coming from the south, just before you reach Punta Cabras you'll find yourself driving on dirt roads following the coastline of the Pacific (pretty rad ...
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    • Puerto Morelos, Mexico

      Swim in Cenote Las Mojarras

      A cenote is a natural sinkhole that appears when bedrock collapses and exposes groundwater beneath. The exposed water can be above ground, or in a series of underground caves and rivers. The Yucatan Peninsula is somewhat known for cenotes, and a trip to the area isn't complete without a swim in o...
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    • Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

      Explore Lover's Beach Cabo San Lucas

      The best way to visit this beach is to take a small boat or ferry that goes past the famous El Arco.  You get an up close view of the arch!   Located at the tip of Cabo San Lucas, Lover's beach is beautiful with ocean views on both sides.  One side is called Lover's Beach, while the other side is...
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    • La Trinidad, Mexico

      Camp at Cabo Pulmo Beach

      Cabo Pulmo is rustic, with jaw-rattling washboard roads leading through the vast Baja Sur desert to an epic point that overlooks the oldest of the only three reef systems on the Pacific side of North America.The town itself is little more than a collection of dive centers and a couple of restaura...
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    • Capula - El Chico, Mexico

      Bouldering in Mineral del Chico

      To get to Mineral del Chico you have to drive 11 miles from the city of Pachuca. The town is next to the National Park El Chico, which you have to go through in order to get to the town. Registration and payment is not needed. Once you are in the town, it is necessary to buy food and water for th...
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    • San Mateo Huexoyucan, Mexico

      Bouldering in Tlaxcala

      To reach the boulder area of San Mateo, you have to arrive to the state capital, the city of Tlaxcala; so you must take highway 150 México-Puebla-Veracruz, and passing (50 meters) of the toll booth San Martín Texmelucan, take the diversion 117 to Apizaco leading to the city of Tlaxcala. From Méxi...
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    • Puebla, Mexico

      Rock Climb in Los Pericos

      To get from México city, you should take the highway to Puebla and 19.2 miles after passing the toll booth of San Martín Texmelucan take the deviation to the right to "Periférico ecológico" and continue for 16.7 miles more until the diversion of "Africam safari" where you should turn right and c...
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    • 20.138245,-87.579054, Mexico

      Cenote Angelita

      The cenote is in a limestone depression, with the stone walls surrounding the water. There is a ledge to jump from, and a deck at water level to climb in from. The cenote is a popular spot for divers because of the water's clarity and depth stretching further than 60 meters below the surface. Th...
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    • Valladolid, Mexico

      Swim in Cenote Suytun

      This, however, also tends to be the downside of this cenote: The water is relatively shallow, about 5 meters at its deepest point, and somewhat cloudy, so those visiting typically line up to have their picture taken and make a short visit of the place otherwise. There is a much more commercial fe...
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    • 20.487567,-87.768595, Mexico

      Swim in Cenote Multun-Ha

      Cenote Multun-Ha, along with Cenote Choo-Ha and Cenote Tamcach-Ha, is in the jungle less than a 10-minute drive from Coba Archaeological Site.  Without a natural opening, it gets very humid and warm inside the cenote. Fans keep air circulating, but the jump into the water feels even nicer given t...
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    • Los Cabos, Mexico

      Sailing to El Arco, Cabo San Lucas

      This is usually what you picture when you think of Cabo San Lucas.  The iconic rock formation is an amazing sight to see.  Take a boat to see the arch up close!  There are also two beaches nearby that are worth a visit while you are going to the arch.  They are Lover's Beach and Divorced Beach (n...
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    • 20.246280,-87.464752, Mexico

      Swim in Gran Cenote

      The water is cool and beautifully clear in blue tones and remains around 20˚C, and the cave system supports fish and freshwater turtles which lucky swimmers may get have the opportunity to see. This is one cenote where it is worth bringing or renting a snorkel and mask for, as the caves create an...
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    • Temozón, Mexico

      Swim in Cenote Xcanahaltun

      Reaching Cenote Xcanahaltun requires driving several kilometers down quiet one-lane roads, followed by the final kilometer up a gravel road. However, two-wheel-drive passenger cars should be fine as long as they’re not making the trip following very wet weather. Once at the cenote, a small restau...
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    • 20.818352,-88.054518, Mexico

      Swim in Cenote Palomitas

      Cenote Palomitas, along with Cenote Agua Dulce, is one of two breathtakingly beautiful cenotes operated out of the same property reached by traveling several kilometers down dirt roads on the outskirts of the Valladolid area.  Once descending the stairs into the cave, wide platform walkways desce...
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    • Chacalal, Mexico

      Swim in Cenote Azul

      The cenote is large with one main open swimming area, and several smaller more hidden areas. It is a favorite amongst local families, and tends to generally have a small crowd, although it is also spacious enough that it doesn't feel cramped. With clear emerald blue water, it's a great spot for b...
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