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  • Temozon, Mexico

    Top Spots in and near Temozon

    • 20.887852,-88.136149, Mexico

      Visit Ek Balam Archaeological Site

      First found and mapped in the 1980s, the 2.5-square-kilometer area that has been uncovered and preserved is only a small part of what is thought to be around 12 square kilometers. As such, the main plazas of the site are open, along with its most spectacular structures. However, a walk on the tra...
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    • 20.887880,-88.136064, Mexico

      Swim Cenote X'Canche

      The cenote requires climbing down wooden stairs to the water level. Platforms for jumping and equipment such as life jackets for rent are also available, as is a short zip line, where you can glide over the water before dropping in from about 10 feet up. Lockers are available for those bringing t...
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    • Valladolid, Mexico

      Swim in Cenote Suytun

      This, however, also tends to be the downside of this cenote: The water is relatively shallow, about 5 meters at its deepest point, and somewhat cloudy, so those visiting typically line up to have their picture taken and make a short visit of the place otherwise. There is a much more commercial fe...
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    • 20.818352,-88.054518, Mexico

      Swim in Cenote Palomitas

      Cenote Palomitas, along with Cenote Agua Dulce, is one of two breathtakingly beautiful cenotes operated out of the same property reached by traveling several kilometers down dirt roads on the outskirts of the Valladolid area.  Once descending the stairs into the cave, wide platform walkways desce...
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    • 20.817630,-88.054320, Mexico

      Swim in Cenote Agua Dulce

      The main entrance follows a wide walkway and stairs leading to a wide platform with benches. The other is harder to find, but it descends a narrow spiral staircase that leads to a small platform near the center of the cenote. A couple small openings in the ceiling allow sunlight to illuminate the...
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    • Valladolid, Mexico

      Swim in Cenote Oxman

      The cenote is part of the Hacienda San Lorenzo Oxman complex, a center that as of now is still relatively small but clearly aiming for growth in the near future, with bars, a pool lounge area, and campground all present and active construction going on. However, until the tour busses come floodin...
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    • 20.836048,-88.051418, Mexico

      Swim in Cenote Sac-Aua

      Reaching the cave and cenote requires a 1-kilometer walk down a level path into the jungle, and guides provide helmets and lights before descending a set of stairs into the cave. Accessing the cenote requires heading down a set of wooden steps. The cenote contains a wide circular opening in the l...
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    • Temozón, Mexico

      Swim in Cenote Xcanahaltun

      Reaching Cenote Xcanahaltun requires driving several kilometers down quiet one-lane roads, followed by the final kilometer up a gravel road. However, two-wheel-drive passenger cars should be fine as long as they’re not making the trip following very wet weather. Once at the cenote, a small restau...
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    • Tinum, Mexico

      Explore the Mayan Ruins at Chichen Itza

      Located in the small town of Piste, about 2.5 hours outside of Cancun, Chichen Itza is a drive to get to, but well worth it! Most people visiting the ruins go with a guide or a tour company, and this is definitely the way to go. Guides have a deep attachment to the site, and provide visitors with...
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    • 20.487567,-87.768595, Mexico

      Swim in Cenote Multun-Ha

      Cenote Multun-Ha, along with Cenote Choo-Ha and Cenote Tamcach-Ha, is in the jungle less than a 10-minute drive from Coba Archaeological Site.  Without a natural opening, it gets very humid and warm inside the cenote. Fans keep air circulating, but the jump into the water feels even nicer given t...
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    • 20.474095,-87.765466, Mexico

      Swim in Cenote Tamcach-Ha

      The spiral staircase descending to the water has two jumping platforms, about 5 meters and 10 meters above the water. The water is blue and clear enough to snorkel in. There is a lifeguard on duty, and life jacket rentals are available outside the cenote entrance. Admission for each of these thre...
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    • Tulum, Mexico

      Bike around the Coba Mayan Ruins

      3.1 mi / 20 ft gain
      A short 45 minutes from Tulum, Mexico lies the partially excavated Mayan ruins of Coba. Encompassing 80 square kilometers, ancient Coba was connected via a network of elevated roads called sacbes.After paying a small entry fee to the Mexico National Institute of Anthropology and History ($64 peso...
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    • 20.645796,-87.631931, Mexico

      Explore Punta Laguna Monkey Reserve

      1 mi / 50 ft gain
      Upon entering the Punta Laguna Reserve, which lies 20 kilometers north of the Coba traffic roundabout, visitors are given two options. Simple admission grants access to swimming in the large lagoon, walking the trails, and visiting the small museum that explains the species of plants and animals ...
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