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Gran Cenote is known as being one of the most beautiful cenotes in the Tulum area. It also gives visitors the chance to swim in a cave cenote, as more of the coastal cenotes tend to be at the surface and not below ground.

The water is cool and beautifully clear in blue tones and remains around 20˚C, and the cave system supports fish and freshwater turtles which lucky swimmers may get have the opportunity to see. This is one cenote where it is worth bringing or renting a snorkel and mask for, as the caves create an amazing light display on interesting underwater terrain when the sun hits it the right way. It's also possible to snorkel through a limestone tunnel here and emerge at a platform on the other side.

The catch is that Gran Cenote remains one of the area's most popular, and it is a staple for tour groups, so expect to be amongst a crowd here. The cenote has food and drinks for sale and spacious grounds with covered seating to sit at, though the grounds are beautiful enough that visitors should take a few minutes and explore more than just the cenote itself.

Snorkel equipment (MX$80), lockers (MX$30) and life jackets (MX$50) are for rent on the swimming platform.

Gran Cenote is open daily from 8am-4:30pm. Admission is MX$180 per person.

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