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    Top Spots in and near Mexico

    • 20.887880,-88.136064, Mexico

      Swim Cenote X'Canche

      The cenote requires climbing down wooden stairs to the water level. Platforms for jumping and equipment such as life jackets for rent are also available, as is a short zip line, where you can glide over the water before dropping in from about 10 feet up. Lockers are available for those bringing t...
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    • 20.631055,-89.459700, Mexico

      Archeological Site of Mayapan

      0.76 mi / 49 ft gain
      Mayapan is a Pre-Columbian Maya site a couple of kilometers south of the town of Telchaquillo in Municipality of Tecoh, approximately 40 km south-east of Mérida and 100 km west of Chichen Itza; in the state of Yucatán, Mexico.
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    • Brisas de Zicatela, Mexico

      Surf at Puerto Escondido

      There are two great surfing beaches in the main center of Puerto Escondido, offering very different levels of waves. The first, Playa Carazilillo, is perfect for beginners. It is near to a section of town called Rincon - and this is a very easy place to find a surf instructor if you need. There i...
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    • Rancho Viejo, Mexico

      Hike the Sierra Huerfana

      17 mi / 3444.9 ft gain
      The Sierra Huerfana is located 1.5 hours east of Hermosillo City, in the heart of the Sonoran desert.  To get here you drive to the town of Rancho Viejo, through the Ures, on a dirt road since it is more well maintained. You can start your walk from the town's plaza, or just drop a Google Maps pi...
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    • 60 Quintana Roo 15, Mexico

      Swim in Cenote Encantado

      Access points to the cenote are limited to a couple lodging establishments along its banks, and each operates in a similar fashion of charging a small admission fee while offering free access to guests. Mangroves line the edges, and visitors can rent canoes or kayaks and head out onto the water. ...
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    • 20.325521,-87.370088, Mexico

      Swim in Cenote Jaguar

      The cenote lies at surface level, with cool blue waters surrounded by mangroves and jungle. There are three different jumping platforms, ranging from 2 meters to 6 in height. Otherwise, a wooden deck lets swimmers and snorkelers enter and exit the water. While the cenote is lengthy, much of the b...
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