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    Looking for the best hiking in Mexico? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Mexico. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

    Top Hiking Spots in and near Mexico

    • Carretera Internacional, Mexico

      Explore El Aguacero

      El Aguacero is the most mystical waterfall-filled canyon you’ve ever seen. Imagine Zion National Park and Havasupai with lush green jungle. Now imagine a canyon with 724 steps that switchback down to the canyon floor, where a warm water river is running below. Once at the bottom, the canyon walls...
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    • Tulum, Mexico

      Explore Cenote Dos Ojos

      This Cenote will be the first recommendation from a local, if you’re looking for the grandeur of the famous Grand Cenote, but minus the crowds. The name comes from the two large underground caves connected by a very large, complex cavern, complete with the deepest known cave passage in Quintana R...
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    • 23.498263,-109.791981, Mexico

      Cascada Sol de Mayo Waterfall

      0.35 mi / 148 ft gain
      Cascada Sol De Mayo can be found just beyond the village of Santiago off Highway 1, the main road between La Paz and San Jose Del Cabo. After turning off Highway 1 towards Santiago, simply follow the signs for the "Waterfalls", Cascada Sol De Mayo, and/or Ranchero Ecologico Sol De Mayo.  Eventua...
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    • Toluca, Mexico

      Hike the Nevado de Toluca Cirque

      6 mi / 1900 ft gain
      Entering the Nevada de Toluca National Park, follow the windy road toward the crater rim. There will be a small parking lot on your left which offers a state-run hut for acclimating, although if you've spent time in Mexico City you should have no problem completing this hike in 1 day.The hike beg...
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    • cañon del diablo, Mexico

      Hike to the Waterfalls at Cañon del Diablo

      3 mi / 300 ft gain
      You start outside of San Felipe, Baja California at kilometer 181 and drive on a mostly dirt roads for 33 miles to reach the trailhead. A 4x4 vehicle isn't necessarily needed but you will cross a dry lake bed and sandy sections that could be tricky. There is no cell service out here. You can find...
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    • Amecameca, Mexico

      Climb the Iztaccihuatl Volcano

      6 mi / 4140 ft gain
      To reach the Izta-Popo National Park from the city of Puebla, you will have to drive 31 miles on the open road to "Paso de Cortés" towards San Nicolás de los ranchos. Once in the National Park, you have to register and pay 32 pesos. After you are registered you can drive 4.5 miles to "La joyita" ...
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    • PIco de Orizaba, Mexico

      Summit Pico de Orizaba

      3.8 mi / 4625 ft gain
      From the Piedra Grande base camp at 14,025ft an alpine start is recommended. Beginning at 2am will offer the best weather near the summit. Begin by hiking along the concrete aqueduct above the hut. The first 1,500ft of elevation gain is a steep, rocky slope. Be careful for rockfall and slipping i...
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    • Amecameca, Mexico

      Summit Iztaccihuatl

      8 mi / 4159 ft gain
      Beginning at the Izta Popo National Park entrance, obtain your permit and follow the bumpy road as it winds towards La Joya. This is the base camp area at 13,000ft that offers plenty of areas to set up your tent. Take your time and acclimate here to ensure a successful summit bid.An alpine start ...
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    • San Francisco Tetlanohcan, Mexico

      Climb the Malinche Volcano

      7 mi / 3674 ft gain
      To do so, you have to first get to the city of Huamantla, located in the Tlaxcala state. Once you are there, you must take road 136 and drive 8 miles before taking the exit to Teacalco. After 4 miles there is the Malinzi shelter, where there are many options. You can rent a cabin and eat at its r...
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    • Huehuetlán el Grande, Mexico

      Explore El Aguacate Waterfall

      In order to get from the city of Puebla, you have to cross the dam of Valsequillo. Once you have crossed, you must drive to the third town called "El Aguacate". When you're in town you must follow the road and keep you on the left for 4.5 miles, since then you must go out on a dirt road just wher...
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    • Amecameca, Mexico

      Night Photography at Popocatépetl

      To get to the national park Izta-Popo, you must take the federal road "Paso de Cortes" in the direction of San Nicolas de los Ranchos and Santiago Xalitzintla. When you arrive at the park, you have to register at the office and pay a fee of less than two dollars. Once you’ve registered, you have ...
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    • Ciudad de México, Mexico

      Explore Ex Convento de Los Leones

      There are plenty of hiking (and mtn biking) paths that you can take around the convent, but on this adventure we really only saw the Ex Convent itself. The park is good for an entire day trip or weekend trip though (there's camping too). Getting there: Car is the easiest way (if you have a rental...
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    • Loreto Municipality, Mexico

      Hike El Tular Canyon in the Sierra de la Gigante Mountains

      2.5 mi / 328.1 ft gain
      My favorite time to make this hike is just before sunrise. The alpine glow on the range above the cool canyon is a beautiful sight. There is enough time to make the hike and get back before the sun begins to heat the canyon floor, awakening rattlesnakes and Baja's intense midday heat.About 8.5km ...
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    • Los Cabos, Mexico

      Hike to Table Top Mountain

      1 mi / 500 ft gain
      This hike is relatively easy with amazing views at the top and during the trail. There is little elevation gain in the beginning, and the gain is gradual as you make it to the top of the mountain. But if you do get tired there are many rocks to take a quick break on.  How to get there:  I wish I ...
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    • Parque Nacional Cumbres Sierra Nevada, Mexico

      Hiking to Cumbre de las Nubes/La Bufa

      This hike starts at Presa "El Llano" (El Llano Dam), to get to "El Llano" Dam, you'll have to take a bus from El Rosario metro station (subway station), or get there by car. Once you're there you can ask for directions to get to La Bufa. The National Park has very few signs and directions, so you...
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    • Cerrito, Mexico

      Hike to Hanson's Peak in Parque Nacional Constitucion de 1857

      3 mi / 670 ft gain
      Recommended way to get there is from Ensenada take highway #3 going to Ojos Negros and take exit to Parque Constitucion 1857, 3 hours from San Diego.You'll find seasonal lake, forest and hiking adventures such as Hanson's Peak with overall 1.5 miles uphill to get a beautiful landscape scenery. Tr...
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