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Margo Schmiederer

Born and raised on the East Coast, a true lover of everything outdoors. Currently residing in Bucks County, PA. My current kick is road cycling and gradually breaking into mountain biking. Find me anywhere with adventure.

Whether it's the beach or the park, stop by. In the summer, the park will be especially beautiful with all of the wildflowers in bloom

Would highly recommend doing this on a bike! The walk is very nice and peaceful, but it is simply that - a walk, not a hike. Beautiful views as well

This mountain is awesome and some of the steepest terrain in the area. It's a hotspot for mountain bikers because it has challenging rocky trails and steep inclines. At the top, catch a wonderful view of the Delaware where there are also picnic tables for taking it all in and enjoying your lunch.

One of the most Parisian things you can do, stroll along the Seine or pick up a baguette, cheese, and wine, and sit along the canal and enjoy all that is Paris

The Puget Sound is beautiful, and the views it offers of the city are wonderful. You can also bike the Puget Sound by taking ferries to the various islands. There's a tour offered by Airbnb that takes groups on this tour!

A beachy lighthouse escape - it's a quick stop on your tour of Provincetown

This is a really fun hike because of its unique terrain - it's also pretty challenging walking/hiking through sand

This is such a beautiful drive - ocean views, beautiful homes, oh my! Definitely do it, especially as the sun sets

The countryside in the UK is incredibly beautiful, and these gardens capture that essence wonderfully

Great hike, as most others in ADK, with good views

Jersey isn't typically known for its surfing, but if it were to be, it would be in the wintertime

Edinburgh is an easily walkable City as the town only spans about a mile radius from its center. Victoria St. is right off of the Royal Mile with small shops and eateries. It's also very picturesque and makes for great photos

The Carolinas have such beautiful and diverse habitats you're bound to see something - a bird, nest, etc. - here

Wilmington has beautiful everything - real estate, views, and parks. Explore as much of it as you can! Wilmington is also where Dawson's Creek used to be filmed

You can't miss the canals in Amsterdam - explore them, and the rest of the city, by bike!

But find it either way! My best advice about Paris is to do it all by bike. Wherever you are, find a bike and ride to this Miss

This hike is pretty difficult, but it is outstanding at the top

A very famous and beautiful part of SF for pictures and hanging out

This is worth seeing - it's only a shame there isn't more like this in the City.

Would highly recommend doing this drive! Go even further south, too, to get a full feel for California as other sections cut through farms and other geographies

This is an iconic waterfall along the coastline and in Big Sur. There's a small hike you can do in the area, but otherwise this stop is mainly only for the waterfall

It's easy to pull over, hop out of your car, and take all the pictures you want!

I swam here several years ago and still think about it to this day. Be careful of the tides as once you're in the cove, the water can be pretty strong and you can get injured if you're not careful

This trail is well known and used to be frequented by celebrities. It offers good views of the area, and the top is usually packed. Last time I was there, there was even a DJ at the top