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Bixby Bridge

Monterey, California

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Added by Lucas Pols

Before the Golden Gate Bridge, this was the bridge to photograph.

You can't miss this bridge if you are driving north on highway one.

The best time for capturing sunsets behind the bridge is December. The positioning of the sun will better coincide with the location of the bridge.There are four main angles to capture the bridge:

  • The first two are up close on either side of the bridge-- behind the bridge, you will find a couple of small trails that will lead you down the hillside a bit get a better angle on the bridge
  • The third is by taking the dirt road to right before it starts going downhill.
  • The fourth is another far shot that will give the entire coastline along with a bit of the bridge.There are of course small variations to each shot!

Great place to photograph and certainly a worthwhile stop while in Big Sur

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While there has been a lot of hype surrounding the overcrowding of this area due to Instagram trends, it is still a must see on a drive through Big Sur.

Theres a dirt turnout with a great view of the bridge. An iconic stop for anyone in big sur

It's easy to pull over, hop out of your car, and take all the pictures you want!

We got here early in the morning and there were only a couple other cars. Very easy to pull into any turnouts you want. When we were coming back, it was so packed, not sure how people can stop there without just getting lucky later in the day. You can get iconic views of the bridge here

PCH is one of my favorite places ever and this bridge is one of my favorite spots on PCH! You 100% should stop here. Can’t beat these views.

Cool photo opportunities, cool secret-camping and an awesome place to check out if you're in Big Sur.



As Jacob mentioned in his review below the time of day definitely makes or breaks photographing this bridge. I don't have one good shot of my own simply because I've only been midday when the lighting was bad, making the bridge appear boring. Hard to capture the magic you see around it in person if you're not there for sunrise or sunset.

Don't limit yourself to the taking pictures from solely the area where people park. Walk across the main road and venture along the dirt road that climbs into the hills. You can get some great shots over there as well!



Although this photogenic bridge is beautiful in person, a great picture is definitely about the timing of day/lighting. We drove the whole route early in the morning leaving me with a very foggy picture which made it unique, but something to think about!



We stopped here briefly on our drive up Highway 1 and just stayed at the closest parking area. I got some great shots and didn't have to fight through many tourists to get them, so you don't have to go super far to get the shots!

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