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Linnea Sage

I mean go for it, if you want. But I'd rather spend that money on gelato.

We stayed in Bovec and did like a level 1 white water rafting tour. It was super fun and nice. The water is ICE COLD but you're in a full wet suit. It was a lovely view and the tour guide taught us a lot about the area.

Oh man do Europeans take their time. I'm from New York so a single-file walk way for three miles was not fun. It's also not a loop... you walk all the way to the waterfall (which was like not amazing compared to all the other waterfalls) and then all the way back the same way. People are so slow and it was JAM PACKED. The water was stunning and crystal clear and green and awesome.

Okay okay. Obviously its stunning. But I had just spent two weeks traveling all over Croatia and Slovenia. I had been warned that it was a tourist trap but for whatever reason I still wanted to go. Learned my lesson! Apparently there is another similar lake an hour west that is better in every way. We didn't make it over there but... check out that one!

Piran is Perfect. I was only there for a few hours. I knew I had to come home with bags of their famous salt. The salt store in the center of town is like a museum and you can learn so much about the production in Piran. You park your car outside of town walk or bus to the town center. Climb to the top of the church steeple and basque in the glory that is centuries old. So beautiful I could cry. Oh god i miss it so much.

No doubt Plitvice is stunning. The best thing about Croatia is that there are stunning waterfalls and crystal clear seas around every corner. It's worth going to a less popular lake.