Hike in Plitvice Lakes National Park

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Visit the largest national park in Croatia and see countless beautiful waterfalls and lakes.

Plitvice Lakes National Park is Croatia's largest national park and is just a few hours away from the capital city of Zagreb. There are public buses going to the park from Zagreb as well as from a few other cities in Croatia.

You buy your ticket into the park at the entrance to the park. Tickets range in price from around $5 to around $25 depending on your age and the time of year of your visit. In the winter months it is at the cheaper price but the trains and electric boats do not operate so you'll have to see everything by foot.

Once in the park you can walk miles and miles of boardwalks and trails while taking in the many lakes and waterfalls. The park consists of 16 lakes interconnected by a series of waterfalls. When you get your ticket into the park you will get a map with different walking routes you can do with varying mileages.

There is also an electric boat that you can take from one side of the largest lake to the other as well as a “panoramic train” (shuttle bus) that you can use to get around the park. When I went I ended up walking just over 10 miles through the park and then taking a shuttle bus back to the park entrance closest to where I was staying.

There are a few places to stay within the park or you can get lodging in one of the nearby towns. These towns are really small but have some great Bed and Breakfast type places. You can catch local buses to the park entrances or walk depending on where you are staying.

Most people do the park in a single day but its up to you and your pace as to how long you stay. Get more information on the park and local accommodations here.


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Stunning views

This is one of the most beautiful hikes I have ever done. The hike down is rather steep, but well-paved and once you reach the bottom it’s as if you have entered the world of Avatar. The water is a clear, blue-green color, absolutely stunning and the photo opportunities are endless. The walkways can get a little crowded during peak season/hours, so I recommend you get there earlier in the day. There is also a limited number of admission passes sold each day, so try and purchase yours ahead of time. The paths are well-marked and you have the freedom to explore as you wish, choosing how far to go and which direction to explore.

Awesome Lake Walks

Stunningly clear water, and some epic boardwalks surrounding the entire lakes area. Perfect for a day trip!

Spectacular spot

This park is amazing. If you are there any time of year other than winter, I suggest you hopping on the first bus you can from the entrance and heading to the farthest stop. That way, you can do the entire trail system backwards, leaving you with a lot of it uncluttered as the rest of the place fills up in the other direction.