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Lake Bled Loop

Bled, Slovenia

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Added by Josh Currie

Lake Bled is truly one of the most beautiful lakes and surrounding country I have ever visited. With incredible views and mountain castles, this is an incredible place to hike and visit.

Bled, Slovenia is an incredibly picturesque town situated at the foot of the Karawanks Mountains near the boarder of Austria. The small lake town is often regarded as one of the best kept secrets because of the intimate and secluded location. The town center sits right on the waters edge with views of snow capped mountains, the local castle, and of course Bled Island in the middle of the lake.

There are many good hikes around this area but if you are looking for a more mellow stroll, there is nothing better than taking the hour and half walk along the waters edge. The trail is very well marked and even paved at times, but feel free to wander away from the path and walk through the woods and climb the hills for more expansive views of the surrounding area. Perched on top of the cliffside is an ancient Castle that has the most spectacular view of the lake and mountains. It's a humbling experience sitting on the ramparts of that castle thinking about how it was built so perfectly to rest above the lake.

Once you have finished your walk around the lake, you have undoubtedly been staring at Bled Island the majority of the time so please take the ferry out and visit it for yourself! It's a short 15 minute boat ride out to the Island and once you arrive you get to see Bled from a whole different vantage point, as well as explore one of the most uniquely positioned churches in the world.

Depending on where you are visiting from, this could be a wonderful day trip, but I suggest staying a few nights so you are able to explore the area more. There are quaint neighboring towns and breathtaking views, hikes, and waterfalls. Enjoy!

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Okay okay. Obviously its stunning. But I had just spent two weeks traveling all over Croatia and Slovenia. I had been warned that it was a tourist trap but for whatever reason I still wanted to go. Learned my lesson! Apparently there is another similar lake an hour west that is better in every way. We didn't make it over there but... check out that one!

Lake Bles is one of those lakes that you’ve definitely seen in an awe-inspiring photo. It’s one of the most scenic lake views I’ve ever encountered- worth it.

Lake Bled is the stuff of fairy tales. With the Julian Alps right there, wandering around the lake was always my go to on rest days. There are tons of amazing little wood cabins doting the shoreline. Packed with snacks and a book, there are endless spots to stop off and hang out for a while. While I think things become jaw-dropping when you get to higher altitudes around here, strolling the lake is still a must.

Bled is such a beautiful spot. It's definitely worth getting up early before all the crowds are up and about.

I've been to over 20 European countries...and this is my favorite spot.

I really enjoy here renting a boat for one hourand go around the Lake. You must take a boat if you go.

Beautiful scenery, stunning views from the cliffs and restaurants above the lake, boat rides, cute church on a small island in the middle of the lake to which one can get with a rented paddle boat, or motorized transport. The only downside is that it tends to be chock full of tourists, which is why I'd sooner recommend the Bohinj lake nearby, just as big but much more "raw".



Visiting Lake Bled is a truly unforgettable experience. On a sunny day, it can be insanely crowded but if you wander around the lake you can find pockets of solitude. My favorite part was renting a row boat and paddling around the small church in the middle of the lake. Make sure to grab your shot of the church framed with imposing Bled Castle in the distance before you row back in.

I love Bled's unique nature, especially the one of kind island with it's recognizable little church. It's a pity you get around the lake so fast. The paths are also great for biking or rollerblading. The most annoying thing is that there are many peope during sunny days. During summer is great to take a ride with a boat as it's sad above, if you really want to feel the tradition of Bled, you should take the traditional Pletna boat.



Lake Bled is a spectacular place. In addition to the Castle mentioned above (which is a worthy hike - the views are stunning!) swing by the Villa Bled, which was the summer residence of Yugoslavian President Tito, and ask nicely at the front desk to see the ballroom with Tito's revolutionary murals. After completing the loop swing by the Park Restaurant to eat one Lake Bled's famous Bled Cream Cake. Lake Bled is also home to the Slovenian national and Olympic rowing team, and you may see them out on the waters.

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Lake Bled Bench (Ojstrica)

Mala Osojnica Viewpoint

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Hike to Viševnik

Photograph the Church of Saints Primus and Felician

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