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Korey TaylorExplorer

The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.

West Peak Loop

Bandera, Texas

3.35 mi / 387 ft gain

Motorbike From Paleochora to Sougia

Paleochora, Greece


Lighthouse in Palo Duro Canyon

Canyon, Texas

5.88 mi / 492 ft gain

Explore Muriwai Beach

Muriwai, New Zealand


Hike the Leasburg Slot Canyon

Las Cruces, New Mexico

2.4 mi / 675 ft gain

Canoeing Caddo Lake

Karnack, Texas


Explore Hell's Gate National Park

Hell's Gate National Park, Kenya

10.6 mi

Drive the Scenic Lake Tahoma

Marion, North Carolina

Explore the Mohegan Bluffs

New Shoreham, Rhode Island

Camp at Loch Lomond's Sallochy Campsite

Stirling, United Kingdom

Watch the Sunset from the Waiho River Bridge

Westland National Park, New Zealand

Stay the Night in an Off-Grid Cabin in Fairplay, CO

Fairplay, Colorado

Summit Windy Peak via the Burro Trail

Golden, Colorado

6.35 mi / 1825 ft gain

Camel Trek through the Thar Desert

Jaisalmer, India


Explore Pedernales Falls

Johnson City, Texas

0.6 mi / 104 ft gain

Explore Brimham Rocks

Summerbridge, United Kingdom


Blue Hole Trail

Glen Rose, Texas

1.15 mi / 223 ft gain

Camp out at Four Sisters Ranch Cabin

Utopia, Texas


Summit South Sandia Peak

Albuquerque, New Mexico

10.78 mi / 3595 ft gain

Walk the Paseo del Rio Trail

Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

1 mi / 6 ft gain

Summit Point 8300

Albuquerque, New Mexico

6.5 mi / 1300 ft gain

Hike to the Ancient City of Lissos

Sougia, Greece

3.1 mi / 656.2 ft gain

Soar Over the Masai Mara

Narok, Kenya

Hike the Upper Faulty Loop

Tijeras, New Mexico

5.4 mi / 1040 ft gain