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    Top Spots in and near Indonesia

    • Kintamani, Indonesia

      Sunrise Hike up Mount Batur

      5 mi / 2624.7 ft gain
      When most people think of Bali, they think about its countless resorts, relaxing spas, or epic waves.  Although all of these things have something great to offer, there is nothing quite like trekking in pure darkness to see one of the most incredible sunrises unravel in front of your eyes.  Be wa...
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    • Paltuding Trailhead , Indonesia

      Hiking the Ijen Crater

      8.7 mi / 3254.6 ft gain
      The initial hike up from the start point to the rim of the crater takes 60 to 90 minutes at moderate pace to cover the 3km distance reaching an elevation of around 2,300m. The Paltuding Trailhead can be found at the Paltuding Trekking Camp, which is a good launching point as well as possible acco...
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    • Sawan, Indonesia

      Hike to Sekumpul Waterfalls

      3.7 mi / 984.3 ft gain
      Hidden in the dense jungles of Northern Bali lies Sekumpul Waterfalls, a collection of picturesque waterfalls away from the crowds.From Kuta, you can organise a private driver to take you to the falls. Around $80 US will get you the entire vehicle, so the more people you have, the cheaper it will...
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    • Tosari, Indonesia

      Hike Mount Bromo

      22 mi / 1600 ft gain
      Many hikes are available in the area, and most if not all of them can be completed without a tour guide (regardless of what the tour operators will tell you).Perhaps the most common hike can be completed in a morning and begins at the sleepy little town of Cemoro Lawang, descending down the calde...
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    • Selat, Indonesia

      Climb Gunung Agung

      5 mi / 5905.5 ft gain
      At a height of 3,142m above sea level, Gunung Agung is the highest volcano on the island and the 14th highest in Indonesia. The mountain last erupted in 1963 and 1964 and is still considered active with a large and deep crater. This mountain is the hardest on the island and is a true adventure, e...
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    • Komodo, Indonesia

      Kayak Labuan Bajo, Flores

      Starting at Labuan Bajo's only public beach, Pantai Pede, it is best to leave around 7am when the current is calm and the tide is in. Paddling out from the beach to the North, you will work your way through the West end of the harbor. You are likely to encounter dolphins and sea turtles as soon a...
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    • Kuta Selatan, Indonesia

      Relax at Nyang Nyang Beach

      Nyang Nyang Beach is one of those secret-feeling beaches that we all want to find. Once you get to the parking area you walk down a steep dirt road for about a half mile. There aren't any warungs down at the beach so bring snacks and drinks, although there is one where you park to stock up on col...
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    • Banda, Indonesia

      Climb Gunung Api in the Banda Islands

      3.1 mi / 2185 ft gain
      Gunung Api (translation fire mountain) is a 666m high active volcano in Indonesia's Banda Islands. To access the start of the trail leading to the top, speak with any of the local fishermen in the main port of Banda Naira, who will often gladly zip you over the straight. Expect to pay them a litt...
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