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Kintamani, Indonesia

Sunrise Hike up Mount Batur

5 Miles Total - 2624.7 ft gain - Loop Trail

Originally added by Christian Murillo

For how relaxing Bali is, this is the perfect thrill for adventure seekers. Hiking up the second highest volcano in Bali to catch the sunrise is an incredible experience that is worth the climb! 

When most people think of Bali, they think about its countless resorts, relaxing spas, or epic waves.  Although all of these things have something great to offer, there is nothing quite like trekking in pure darkness to see one of the most incredible sunrises unravel in front of your eyes.  Be warned, you will not be the only one with the Mt. Batur summit vantage point of an Indonesian sunset on your mind.  There are many guides that offer group or private tours up the volcano.  Deciding whether you want to do the trek alone, or with a guide is completely up to you.  However, do note that if you choose to hike without a guide, you will be pestered most of the way up and possibly even told the wrong directions.

Most people start their journey to Mt. Batur from Ubud, which is about 1.5 hours SWS from Mt. Batur.  However, Bali is a small island and you will find that there are many people who started their journey from somewhere else.  Wherever you come from, you want to make sure to get there by 4am at the latest (I know, it sounds painful).  If you opt to go without a guide, go even earlier to avoid most of the crowds.  Guides start trekking up as early as 2:30am.  

If you search "Mount Batur Trekking" on google maps, it should take you to the parking lot where the trailhead lies.  How you get there is up to you, but if you take any type of public transportation, your driver will certainly know where to drop you off.

Lets get to the trek.  The trailhead starts from the west edge of the parking lot.  With all the other people that will likely be there, you cannot miss it.  Turn on your headlamp/flashlight and follow the black lava gravel path towards the base of the volcano.  Do not be fooled by the mild incline in the first 3km of the hike, the climb is only about 1km, but very steep.  Once you get to the steep part of the climb, try to find the most firm footing that you can, because slipping on the loose volcanic gravel could lead to some mean gashes.  So up and up you go (for about 800 meters) until you reach the summit on the east side of the volcano's ridge.  

The climb could be done in about an hour and 20 minutes at a good pace, but most people do it in 2 hours.  Sometimes, you do not have much of a choice in this regard, as the crowds can get thick and the trail can get thin.  

Once at the summit, get comfortable and find a nice spot facing east and brace yourself for an incredible sunrise.  If you hired a guide, they will likely bring breakfast to you at this time.  To the SE is Mount Agung, Bali's tallest volcano.  The sun will rise just beyond that, over the Bali sea.  Thousands of feet below you, you will be able to see Bali's countless rice paddies.  

If photography is your thing, make sure to pay attention to the clouds drifting over the rice paddies, as well as the impressive sunrise.  

After you are thoroughly impressed with the sunrise, you can make your way back down the volcano a couple ways.  The first way (and my favorite), is to walk along the rim of the volcano almost all the way around.  The far side of the rim has some steep and loose sections that you will just about slide down.  The first 1km down will require sure footedness and care because sharp volcanic rock is really not something to mess with!  Once you get to the base of the volcano, you will follow the black volcanic gravel through some rice paddies and lava fields.  These will actually be the same rice paddies and lava fields that you passed on the way up, but now you will be able to see them!

Although the heat in Bali is year-round, this hike would not be easy (or wise) to do in wet conditions.  If you choose to do this hike during monsoon season (October-April), just make sure you are flexible just in case it rains the day you have planned to do it.  

After you are nice and sore and happy as ever, there may not ever be a better excuse to get a cold Bintang in the morning hours. 

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Endless Views

This was a fun diversion during our time in Ubud. We were there near New Years so the trail was extremely crowded but we left our guide behind to go faster and just found a spot at the top to ourselves. The sunrise was beautiful with views to the ocean and the rest of the island.

Beautiful Sunrise Hike But Tons of Tourists

This hike is extremely beautiful, especially when done at sunrise. It was amazing starting the hike at night and seeing all the stars above Mt. Batur. However, in my opinion the amount of tourists that are on the trail detracts a bit from the experience. Going up and down the trail there is a constant line of people so the only option is to go at an extremely slow place. That being said, the views were still amazing and I would definition recommend the experience.

Mt batur

Definitely a hike you don’t want to miss out on. There are plenty of photo opportunities, the sunrise is perfect, guides are lovely and helpful if you decide to get one. With out a doubt would do it again!

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