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This awesome day trip is cheap and gets you off the hot, dusty, loud streets of Labuan Bajo and straight into nature within an hour. You'll spend your day with turtles, dolphins, monkeys, fish, and turquoise waters, wondering why you'd never thought of this before.

Starting at Labuan Bajo's only public beach, Pantai Pede, it is best to leave around 7am when the current is calm and the tide is in. Paddling out from the beach to the North, you will work your way through the West end of the harbor. You are likely to encounter dolphins and sea turtles as soon as you cross the coral reef protecting the beach.

You will paddle North for about 1 hour on your way to the 4 islands that live in the bay. Once you arrive to the islands, don't hesitate to slowly work your way up the coast of each island exploring the amazing coral reefs below and the beautiful birds and monkeys inhabiting each island. Don't forget to stop and wave at the passing fishermen as well - they'll always offer a jovial 'Hello Mister!' to brighten your day.

Once you've explored the southern side of the 4 islands, make your way into the channel between the 2nd and 3rd island. If you arrive while the tide is out, it's best to visit the Eastern beach and go for a nice cool down swim in the deep turquoise channel.

If you arrive while the tide is rising, best to visit the Eastern beach and take a sit down in the channel where the water will pull past you and make you feel like you're in the greatest infinite pool of all time. If you get too cold, jump to the other side of the sand bar where the water is still and warms up to create a great hot tub effect. But be careful of your belongings while visiting this beach - the resident Macaque monkeys will stop at nothing to make your belongings theirs. Best to keep everything shut up in your kayak unless you'll be on the beach with it.

After this relaxing swim, it's time to head north again across the deep where you will no doubt run into more sea turtles and glorious flying and jumping fish. Head toward the last 2 islands off the coast and make your way between the middle of them. You will find a small floating fishing village in the harbor on the west side of the first island. Check it out and say hi to it's residents - they're sure to give you a few laughs.

Keep paddling a little further and you will enter a bright turquoise channel with resorts on the right and beach on the left. Just barely exit the channel and you will find yourself on a protected beach that you can park on and go for a snorkel. There aren't many good places to snorkel outside of the park, but this one isn't so bad! There is lots of coral and lots of beautiful fish.

After your snorkel, head back to the channel and stop in at any of the resorts for lunch or for one more relaxing turquoise swim.

After lunch, pack up and head south back to Labuan Bajo. It will be about a 2-3 hour paddle back to town - make sure to snake along the coast and view all it's beauty from the water. Best of all is to check to the market and the harbor from your kayak - wind your way through all the larger boats and get the confused stares from the land bound tourists!

Once safely back at Pantai Pede - make way for a fresh shower & a cold beer. No better way to spend your day in LBJ!

Pack List

  • Kayak
  • Paddles
  • Life vest
  • Rash guard for sun protection
  • Sandals for coral beaches
  • Picnic lunch / snacks
  • Drinking water
  • Electrolytes
  • Waterproof camera
  • Suncream
  • Bathing suit
  • Towel
  • Snorkel gear
  • Garbage sack for beach cleans
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Amber Clifton

Your own personal adventure guide in Indonesia!
 I run a turtle conservation camp in remote Eastern Indonesia and spend my free time guiding kayak trips through Komodo National Park. 
 I originate from PNW - so I love my outdoors!

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