Beach Day at Las Flores

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Right outside the town of Cuco is a picturesque beach, famous for it's surf, warm water and sunsets. You can stay in a number of hotels (some pricey, some budget) and get to know this gem in El Salvador.

Getting to the coast from San Salvador airport (this part of the coast) takes about 2hrs. and should probably be booked in advance, since once you exit the airport you are bombarded with options. If you like haggling and speak Spanish, you may get a better deal, so up to you. 

Once in Cuco or Las Flores, it's a amazing little small town that really revolves around the ocean. Great seafood, amazing surf and incredibly warm water. The town of Cuco is very small with a few local shops and restaurants...San Miguel is the closest big town of ~250K people. The nicest hotel in the area is Las Flores and they cater to everything from picking you up, taking you to town, boat tours, surf lessons, yoga, etc. It's pricey but well worth it. Around Cuco you can find hostels, shared rooms, individual rooms and everything else, so you have options.

The surf break at Las Flores is one of the main draws, a ~300yd. long, right hand point break that can hold swell up to 12ft. (5-8ft. is ideal). It works on all tides and is sand bottom, so no need for reef booties or worrying about hurting yourself on the bottom. There are also 5-6 other breaks in the area and there are more than enough boats that you can hire to explore. You can also take some yoga classes up above the surf, get a massage overlooking the ocean, walk to town, etc. just ask a local and they'll point you in the right direction. People here are extremely friendly and there isn't a worry about crime at all.

Take precautions as always, but know that you will have an amazing, relaxing and rewarding time in this little seaside town. 

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Awesome spot

This wave gets world class, just make sure to check the swell before you go and know your ability level.

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