Explore the Hopewell Rocks

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Explore one of the Marine Wonders of the World and experience some of the highest tides in the world!

Hopewell Rocks (otherwise known as the flowerpot rocks) are in the Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick. Not only does the Bay of Fundy boast the highest tides in the world, but the 40-70 ft rock formations formed by the tide are incredibly unique. At low tide, you can walk on the sea floor that is four stories under water at high tide. High tide has its own benefits because you can kayak around the rock formations!

The park is open from mid-May until mid-October. The entrance fee is $10 for adults and for $7.25 for children 5-18 (4 and under are free), which is good for two consecutive days. Luckily for us they were doing a food drive that day, so we got our entrance for just a few cans! During the off-season, visitors can still enter the park. You just have to park your vehicle on the entrance road and walk in. Be mindful though that these are the highest tides in the world, and when you enter the area in the off season, you are taking responsibility for your own safety.

Once you enter the park, there is an interpretive walkway leading to the beach that is about 0.5 miles long. It is paved with little elevation gain or loss. There is shuttle for a small fee if you aren’t able to walk. The park also provides small showers for cleaning off muddy feet after walking on the beach – we definitely took advantage of this since we became muddy messes trying to escape the hordes of people.  Experiencing the Hopewell rocks is something I would highly recommend even though you will be surrounded by people the entire time. It really doesn’t take away too much from the experience.  

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🥈 Contributor

about 1 year ago

Hopewell Rocks

Super beautiful place for a walk with your family and friends. Very good and easy walking paths around. Interesting geology with sand and conglomerates sequences. You have to pay for the entrance.


🥇Top Contributor

over 3 years ago

Best way to experience the Bay of Fundy

One of the best ways to experience the largest tide in the world is to hike and explore below the massive rock formations of Hopewell Rocks. Pretty stunning visual experience and great way to spend a day. Watch out for the waves coming back in.

🥇Top Contributor

over 3 years ago

Great Off Season Adventure

We have been to Hopewell Rocks in early spring as the tide was at the lowest point. The park was closed, but we could still go down to see the rocks. We parked in the regular parking to hike down the trail, but we also could have park by the beach. We only saw a handful of people during the hole time we were there and our dog had the time of her life running in the seaweed.

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