Hike Upper Salmon River

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Hike one of the most beautiful and less crowded hikes in Fundy National Park and get to dive in the cool river swimming holes.

We suggest you bring a few friends and drive to Fundy National Park with two cars. Leave one car at the park headquarters near Alma and drive up to the Laverty falls parking lot where you will start your hike. If you only have one car and wish to do an out-and-back hike, start at headquarters. 

First part: The Forks

The hike starts at the Laverty Falls parking lot. There will most likely be a lot of cars, but we promise you will beat the crowd as you take a right on The Forks trail. From Laverty, the Forks gets down slowly almost 300 meters in 3.4 km in the forest. The trail will bring you to the junction of Broad River and the Forty-Five River, which becomes Upper Salmon River. You will find here one of the nicest, and most relaxing spot in the park. Leave your bag on this side of the river and go for a swim under the waterfall. 

Second part: Upper Salmon River to Black Hole

Ready to get hiking? Don't get dressed yet. Start by crossing the river (twice) before you put your boots back on. The park installs ropes to help you cross the rivers and we suggest you hold onto it. 
The trail goes from the Forks to Black hole on the east shore of the river. It is fairly flat, but starts with a series of boulder climbing. At Black Hole, you'll find a rangers cabin, an outhouse and a picnic table. At the river, the trail turns left, but if you hike right on the rocks for about 100 meters, you will get to the pool where the park releases salmon in September. If you hike in the fall, you might have the chance to see the salmons jump out of the water. We did, and it's a great hidden spot. 

Third part: Black hole to headquarter

After following the river and hiking on pretty steep hill with security lines, you will finally cross the river again. Making your way to headquarters, you will have a sneak peak at the bay of Fundy while going up the hill. In the final part of the trail, you will encounter a service road on the right (go slightly left onto the trail), but turn right before the campground to make your way to your car in the headquarters parking lot. 

Side notes

We hiked the Forks and Upper Salmon river on a weekend in the middle of July and saw only two people. It is literally the least crowded trail we have ever done in Fundy National Park. 

The park installs ropes to help cross at river crossings. We were hiking with our 30 pounds dog, and she literally got taken away by the current during the crossing. Be careful and hold on to your dog. In the spring, when the rivers are too high (or the ropes are not yet installed), the trails will be closed. Ask the staff at headquarters before you hit the trail.

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