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An Angkor temple with an impressive final gate to the east!

Ta Som is located along the Grand Circuit road after passing Neak Pean and was built in the late 12 century. The interesting thing about Ta Som is that none of it has been restored, with the exception of clear undergrowth vegetation. Also, there is a gate tower at the entrance with four faces of Buddha, very similar to the gates at the entrance/exit to Angkor Thom.

Through this entrance gate there are three walls to pass through. The structures are a bit smaller but still impressive.  One of the main attractions at Ta Som is the final gate at the east entrance. From the west it looks like an ordinary gate entrance but walk through the gate and turn around to see the gate completely engulfed by the roots of a tree growing on top. Take the time to walk all the way through the complex because this is the last gate and it is very unassuming from the west. Very impressive to see. There were few people when I was here and it was quite enjoyable.

An Angkor Archaeological Park pass is required and there is a park attendant at the entrance to check.  Your tuk tuk driver will wait for you as you explore.  They are not permitted to enter with you.

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  • Camera
  • Tripod
  • Insect repellent
  • Hat/sun block
  • Water
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