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Explore an ancient healing center and enjoy the many water lily's on the walk in. Often not part of any tour package. If you have your own Tuk Tuk driver, be sure to ask him to stop and check it out. 

Neak Pean is not a temple. It was constructed as a place of healing. It was believed that soaking in the waters at Neak Pean would balance the individual and therefore cure their illnesses. The center tower is round but the water is divided into 4 quadrants representing Earth, Wind, Fire and Water.  Water fills the quadrants and steps all around Neak Pean lead into the water.  You can imagine the Khmer people visiting and soaking in the waters during the 12 century.

To access Neak Pean is made via a land bridge made a dirt and boards and crosses Jayatataka Baray, sometimes referred to as Baray of Preah Khan.  In June, many white water lily's sprout up from the Baray.  It is about a .25 mile walk from the parking area along the Grand Circuit road.  Not many people take the walk back here because it is a lesser known attraction along the circuit. 




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