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Eastern Mebon, Angkor - Search Nearby - Added by John Maurizi

Explore one of the older location in Angkor Archaeological Park with unique carved Elephants and 5 towers.

East Mebon is a temple that was built in the 10th century. The unique thing about East Mebon is that it is actually built on an island. The island is in the middle of what was a man made reservoir called East Baray. The reservoir is now try so you have to use your imagine nation when exploring East Mebon, that it was completely surrounded by water.  The temple has three tiers and five towers on top. The structures are fairly well preserved, especially for one of the older temples at Angkor. 

One of the unique items at Mebon are some very well preserved stone elephants. These elephants are on the first and second tiers of temple and located at each corner. They are also carved from a single block of rock. Definitely something I enjoyed so take notice of them. They are in relatively good shape and make for some dramatic photos with the towers in the background.




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