Find the Ta Prohm Stegosaurus

0.2 Miles Round Trip - Point-to-Point Trail

Ta Prohm, Angkor Archaeological Park - Search Nearby - Added by John Maurizi

Find an unusual and mysterious carving in the heart of Ta Prohm, Angkor Archaeological Park.

This little carving has become quite popular in recent years. Some think it is evidence that dinosaurs existed during human times. Being that Ta Prohm was constructed around the 12 century, they hardly had the technology to determine what a Stegosaurus looked like even if they unearthed some dinosaur bones. Others believe it is a Rhinoceros with leaves behind it. There is even another suggestion that it is a hoax put there as a joke.

I believe this is not a hoax in any way. Anyone that has been here can tell and is very obvious, the carving is old and similar to the other carvings along that area and throughout Ta Prohm. I think people should make their own decision. 

To find the "Stegosaurus" walk to the far west of Ta Prohm. From inside the second wall, face the center doorway (see photo with the woman in green). To the left on the outside in the corner, below the tower, is a vertical line of Bas-relief carvings. There you will find it.




0.2 Miles
Point-to-Point Trail


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