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Explore Thommanon Temple

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Thommanon is a small temple but well preserved with wonderful carvings. It is also in a more open area and few visitors because of the small size. Still worthwhile to explore. 

Thommanon Temple is a Hindu temple built in the 12th century. It is rather small and located as you exit from Angkor Thom through the Victory Gate. A short way after you exit the Victory Gate, Thommanon is on the left.  

The grounds of the complex are flat and open with all the underbrush cleared away. The carvings at Thommanon are in great condition. There is only one tower at this temple, a long corridor and a Library.  Not many people stop here and those that do, do so as part of the small circuit tour route.

It is before you reach Ta Keo. Just across the road is Chau Say Thevoda, another Hindu temple so it is easy to visit both in the same spot. 

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