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GO HERE if you are in Boise! It's right downtown, so there's plenty of other places to go nearby as well. My favorite art piece is one made of paint and glass of a quote from MLK—it's become almost a permanent fixture in the gallery, so keep an eye out for it when you go! :)

We decided to camp in the car so we didn't wake up with salt in our mouths. Very pretty sunsets, though! And great for campfires, etc!

This trail is in the middle of the city, but it’s definitely worth a look! You’ll see statues and monuments as you make your way through the heart of Indianapolis.

There’s always something new to discover at this park. And there’s something for everyone! I’ve gone rock climbing, hiking, and nature-observing. It’s honestly a microcosm of southern utah with its own mini arch & version of the narrows!

Very few people know that this canyon even exists! However, it’s a great place for fall drives especially as well as photoshoots (guilty)!

Have you really been to Boise if you haven’t floated the Boise River? This is a popular summer activity, so don’t expect to have the river to yourself, although some days are less crowded than others. You can float it in a tube, but rafts are preferred cuz it’s COLD!!

As soon as I heard that parts of star wars were filmed here, I had to come. Very pretty drive & loved all the greenery!! Wish we had more time to explore the beach at the end.

I love this beach!! It isn’t too crowded & you feel like you have the beach to yourself. Also lots of cool things washed in by the tide :)

Nice beach, not too crowded. The butter is my favorite though—all the cute houses up on the hill overlooking the beach!

Dogwood Park has quite a few options for a day on the lake—picnic, boating, and swimming! A little more out of the way, too, so no need to worry about crowds. Lots of good hammocking trees!

There are supposedly some easier climbs here, but we must’ve others the hardest one! Very difficult, but cool place to climb!

There’s something for everyone here, including beginners like me! One of the first places I ever climbed—& I loved it! Great place to meet other climbers, too.

I’m lucky I found this spot! Seriously hidden, but very worth it! Be careful not to fall into holes in the rocks, but other than that, super chill:)

This trail starts out very pretty! Unfortunately we had small children in our group & they didn’t want to make it all the way. If you do make the hike, be sure to pay attention to all the different plants! Very cool.

This is why I love Redwoods—the trees!! And on this drive you’ll see plenty :)

This is an easy stop to make on your way through Redwoods. You have a nice view of the bay & you can choose to hike down to the beach if you want!

While I do love Redwoods parks, I love them because of their trees & other greenery!! This is a nice drive, but too much open prairie for me.

Beautiful & green, of course, and plenty of fallen trees for cool photo ops!

I’m usually a one-and-done type of hiker, but this trail I would do again. Beautiful views from the top & a good mix of rocks & greenery :)

This lake is pretty popular, but every time I go it never seems too crowded. Hang at the beach, grab some ice cream, go paddle boarding, or start a hike from here!

Truly some of the best mountains in Idaho, & definitely the most photogenic ones! Getting a clear shot is key.

I can’t deny it—Trail 3 is my favorite of all the trails in Turkey Run. It has a bit of everything—rock formations, beautiful greenery, water features, easy sections, bridges, and even a bit of minor canyoneering!! (be prepared for that) Maybe not the best hike for nervous kids or people worried about getting their clothes dirty or wet, but definitely worth it if you make the hike!

This route will take you through all the major trails in Turkey Run. Don’t worry about missing any of the sites—if you take this path, you won’t miss any :)

I think my favorite part of this hike is the rock formations. Years of water flowing through the cantons have shaped the rock in really beautiful ways. Make sure to take it all in!