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Annelise A

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A beautiful hike up through the Sawtooths to the beginning of a string of mountain lakes. We camped by the second of the two lakes at the top. Plenty of great spots to camp and lots of pretty scenery. Not too difficult of a hike, either. If you're in good physical shape but have never been backpacking before, this is a perfect beginner trip! Next time bring fishing gear—we saw lots of fish jumping out of the lake the next morning. So beautiful!!!

We got to the trailhead at about 2am so we could make it to the top before sunrise. Very steep at some points. It was very windy when we got to the top & there were A TON of people up there waiting at various points along the ridge line. Make sure to pack yourself a meal for when you reach the top! You will burn a lot of calories getting there. Unfortunately the weather was pretty overcast so the sunrise wasn’t great, but it probably would be if there weren’t any clouds. Rained off & on on the way down, but the scenery was GORGEOUS (didn’t see much on the way up in the dark) & we saw 4 mountain goats!! Definitely a challenging hike, but worth it to cross it off your bucket list.

This little hike is way out in the middle of nowhere, but surprisingly green for being in the middle of a high desert! The trail follows a stream the whole way through to the waterfall & there are plenty of side trails to go explore caves & such. Very short hike if you just go straight through—I recommend bringing a swimsuit to get in the water &/or exploring off the path along the way to make the drive out more worth your while.

If you haven’t hiked Table Rock, you haven’t been to Boise. Even beginners can make this hike, though there are some steep parts. Fairly desert-y & unshaded. Best time to go is in the early evening so you get a view of the sunset over the city at the top!

These falls are beautiful—and actually fairly big for how little-known they are! Despite the fact that you probably won’t know many people who have heard about them, there’s usually a good 5-20 other people there at any given time. The viewing decks are great; haven’t yet had the time/courage to take one of the non-trails down to the actual river yet, but maybe next time... Also, parking does cost $5, HOWEVER last time I went the parking lot was closed for construction, so we just parked off the side of the main road & walked down—bonus: we actually got a decent hike in!

When they say “narrows” they mean it! Climb up through a sometimes *very* narrow slot canyon in the beautiful red rock of St. George’s Pioneer Park. At the top you’ll have a great view of the city! This little hike is fairly quick, but it has enough variety to make you feel really accomplished when you finish it. Love that it’s literally 5 minutes (or less!) away from town, but it still feels like an epic adventure!