Photograph Freak Alley


    Added by Annelise G

    A weird, graffitied alley in Boise, Idaho with artists constantly changing the gallery.

    This alley is a Boise must-see. Local street artists regularly change up the gallery, so there's always something new to see! 

    You can park anywhere you can find a spot! If you're luck you can find a spot on the side of the street along the shops, but if not, you can park further down past the capitol building or in a nearby parking garage. It's a quick walk through downtown Boise to get to the alley.

    Note: It is an alley, so be careful if you're going when it's dark out.

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    ūü•áTop Contributor

    about 1 month ago

    Boise Must-See

    GO HERE if you are in Boise! It's right downtown, so there's plenty of other places to go nearby as well. My favorite art piece is one made of paint and glass of a quote from MLK‚ÄĒit's become almost a permanent fixture in the gallery, so keep an eye out for it when you go! :)

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