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Top Hiking Spots in and near Wisconsin

  • Ogema, Wisconsin

    Hike to Timm's Hill

    0.5 mi / 150 ft gain
    Hike to one of the easiest high points in the country. Standing at only 1,951 feet, Wisconsin's Timms Hill isn't going to be the most impressive climb you do, but it is still worth the hike. The entire area is a county park with plenty of amenities. Take the short 1/4 hike to the top of the hill,...
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  • Ellison Bay, Wisconsin

    Backpack the Europe Bay Trail at Newport State Park

    7.6 mi
    Hidden on the northeastern side of Door County, Newport State Park offers 16 secluded, hike-in only campsites throughout its 20-plus miles of hikable terrain. The Europe Bay Trail Loop encompasses the northern portion of the park, and leads to three campsites bordering Europe Lake or the Lake Mic...
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  • Reedsburg, Wisconsin

    Hike the Echo Rock Trail

    2 mi / 60 ft gain
    Park near the boat launch parking lot and follow signs for the "Echo Rock" trail. This trail will take you roughly 45 minutes round trip to complete from the parking lot. Well worth your time if you are already in the park as it is one of the best scenic areas and topographical landmarks that the...
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  • Sauk City, Wisconsin

    Hike the Overlook Trail at Ferry Bluff State Natural Area

    0.37 mi / 300 ft gain
    Five miles west from Sauk City lies another great natural area. According to the official website, it is about a 25-minute drive from Devil’s Lake State Park. There are a few trails you can take here at this park, they go up all of the bluffs in the area, the most popular one is Cactus Bluff. Fol...
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  • Grafton, Wisconsin

    Hike the Bluff Trail to the stairs at Lion's Den Gorge

    1.7 mi / 100 ft gain
    This is a longer hike than just simply appreciating the lake from the top. Follow the signs along the Gorge loop toward the "Stairs". This entire loop will take you approximately 1 hour from the parking lot to the lake roundtrip.  There are multiple routes to the bottom.  For those that want a st...
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  • Tomah, Wisconsin

    Hike the Mill Bluff Trail

    1.25 mi / 175 ft gain
    Mill Bluff State Park is located south of I-90 in Tomah. The park is known for it's featured bluffs that can be seen very prominently in the flat landscapes in the area. The park offers campsites, a small swimming hole, and some hiking trails along the bluffs.  The trail along the main bluffs fol...
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  • Saxon, Wisconsin

    Upper Potato Falls

    0.28 mi / 85 ft gain
    You will turn off of Hwy 169 onto a gravel road, follow the road all the way to the end for the trail head. Please drive respectfully as people live on this road. Once you park, you will see multiple trails down to the river. Find the sign for Upper Falls and head that way. After .3 miles you wil...
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  • Belgium, Wisconsin

    Hike the Quarry Lake Trail at Harrington Beach State Park

    1 mi / 15 ft gain
    This state park is about a 30 minute drive north from Milwaukee on I-43. It has beach access along it's entire length, multiple hiking trails, and a great quarry lake that can be used for fishing, hiking, or general exploring. From the parking lot, go south toward the signs for Quarry lake. There...
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  • Amberg, Wisconsin

    Explore Dave's Falls

    0.25 mi
    Located in Amberg, Dave's Falls is in the heart of Marinette County, known for its various rapids, rivers, and waterfalls. The hike to the falls is well marked and very simple, and uses stairs for easier access. Hikers can shoot right for the falls, or continue left for a foot bridge and another ...
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  • Shorewood, Wisconsin

    Explore Atwater Park

    0.5 mi / 200 ft gain
    One of Milwaukee's truly hidden gems, this beach is right off of Capitol Drive and approximately 50 stairs down from the bluffs to the shoreline!  You can park anywhere on the road (Lake Drive) and be a short walk to the main overlook. This beach has many jetties that go out into the water which ...
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  • Fox Point, Wisconsin

    Hike the shore of Lake Michigan at Doctor's Park

    2 mi / 100 ft gain
    This park has it all. There is ample parking, full bathrooms, and picnic areas. The trail starts right at the parking lot and there are two different paths you can take: 1.) Follow the paved path down toward the lake on the north side of the parking lot 2.) Walk straight from the parking lot acro...
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  • Bayfield, Wisconsin

    Camp at North Fork Campground

    North Fork campground isn't the most sought after campground, but it is a diamond in the rough and a great alternative if Brooklyn Lake Campground and Sugarloaf Campground are full. It is reservable, but they also have an abundance of first come first serve sites available. At 8,600 ft the campgr...
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  • Nashotah, Wisconsin

    Hike the Grass and Forest Lake Loop at Nashotah Park

    3 mi / 200 ft gain
    Park Hours: 6AM to 10PM  Official Nashotah Park Website Excerpt from the website: Nashotah Park is a 444-acre park nestled among rolling hills, woodlands, wetlands, and grasslands that offer habitat for deer, waterfowl and a variety of songbirds. Nature trails lead through easily identifiable lan...
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  • Hubertus, Wisconsin

    Hike through Glacier Hills County Park

    2 mi / 100 ft gain
    This park has 5 trails ranging from 0.5 mile to 2 miles long which vary terrain, elevation, and scenery. There are plenty of amazing views here, especially as the sun is about to set. You can bring your dog, bring a picnic, and cross country ski in the winter!  Park Hours: 6 AM - 9 PMPark is open...
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  • Belgium, Wisconsin

    Hike the North and South Beach Trail at Harrington Beach State Park

    2 mi / 10 ft gain
    This state park is about a 30 minute drive north from Milwaukee on I-43. It has beach access along it's entire length, multiple hiking trails, and a great quarry lake that can be used for fishing, hiking, or general exploring. From the parking lot, you can go and hike one two areas (of course the...
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  • Woodruff, Wisconsin

    Hike or Bike the NHAL Raven Trails

    The Raven Trails are located adjacent to Clear Lake Campground in the Northern Highland American Legion State Forest. Start at the Woodruff Road entrance for access to some of Wisconsin northwood's best Mountain biking trails as well as 4 looped hiking trails. The 1.2mi Nature Yellow Trail is gre...
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