Top Spots

Rockfish Gap to Dripping Rock and Humpback Mountain via Appalachian Trail

Afton, Virginia

16.44 mi / 3340 ft gain

Humpback Rocks and Dobbie Mountain

Afton, Virginia

6.74 mi / 1634 ft gain

Hike Humpback Rocks

Afton, Virginia

2 mi / 800 ft gain

Dobie Mountain via Appalachian Trail

Afton, Virginia

5.92 mi / 1329 ft gain

Albright Loop via the Appalachian Trail

Afton, Virginia

3.57 mi / 594 ft gain

Humpback Mountain and the Rocks via Appalachian Trail

Lyndhurst, Virginia

5.95 mi / 1122 ft gain

Explore Ravens Roost Overlook

Lyndhurst, Virginia


Hike to Shamokin Falls

Lyndhurst, Virginia

2.2 mi / 950 ft gain

Dripping Rock South via Appalachian Trail

Roseland, Virginia

2.24 mi / 364 ft gain

Places to stay

Lyndhurst, Virginia

Sherando Lake Group Camp

Lyndhurst, Virginia

Sherando Lake Group Picnic Shelter

Lyndhurst, Virginia

Sherando Lake Recreation Area Family Camping

Staunton, Virginia

Skipping Rock

From $120 / night

Grottoes, Virginia

Dundo Group Campground

Mount Solon, Virginia

Honeysuckle Hideaway

From $120 / night

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