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  • Penn Forest Township, Pennsylvania

    Top Spots in and near Penn Forest Township

    • Columbia, New Jersey

      Hike to Sunfish Pond

      7.9 mi / 1150 ft gain
      At the end of the parking lot, cross over the bridge and follow the Appalachian Trail (AT, white blazes) to a V-intersection. Turn right onto Dunnfield Creek Trail (green blazes), which will take you past a few cascades and up to Sunfish Pond. Relax and eat lunch at the pond. When you're ready, t...
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    • Columbia, New Jersey

      Hike Mt. Tammany via Red Dot Trail

      2.3 mi / 1115 ft gain
      This is a short but strenuous hike to a bluff overlooking the Delaware River and surrounding mountains and hills. The summit makes a good spot for a picnic or just for relaxing and watching the sunset. The entire hike also has plenty of beautiful photo ops, especially in the Fall. Find the trailh...
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    • Columbia, New Jersey

      Hike Mount Tammany's Red Dot and Blue Dot Loop

      3.3 mi / 1197 ft gain
      Mount Tammany located in the Delaware Water Gap is a very exciting hike. Short in length but with steep, rocky uphill portions this becomes more of a challenging trek. This hike allows for amazing views of the Delaware River, Route 80, and Mount Minsi on the other side. The summit makes for an aw...
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    • Kempton, Pennsylvania

      Hike the Hawk Mountain Lookout Trail

      4.5 mi / 500 ft gain
      The 4.5 mile loop Hawk Mountain Lookout Trail takes you up to great views of the skyline of Pennsylvania. Surrounded by the rolling forested landscape and open sky, this trail is scenic through and through. Hike in the Spring to catch the flourishing wildflowers, and keep your eyes peeled for eag...
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    • Barrett Township, Pennsylvania

      Hike to the Indian Ladder Falls at Skytop

      3.25 mi
      This 1.75 Mile one-way walk is beautiful. Located on the Skytop Lodge property, the trail winds its way through the forest and along side a creek with benches and picnic areas. Park in the falls trail parking lot on the east side of rt. 390. Google maps will take you right there if you search Ind...
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    • Phillipsburg, New Jersey

      Marble Hill Ice Cave via Warren-Highlands Trail

      1.89 mi / 371 ft gain
      Marble Hill Ice Cave via Warren-Highlands Trail is a loop trail that takes you by a river located near Phillipsburg, New Jersey.
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    • Columbia, New Jersey

      Hike the Mount Mohican-Raccoon Ridge Traverse

      7.5 mi / 1500 ft gain
      This point to point hike can be done in either direction. There is parking at the entrance to Worthington Campground. Cross Old Mine Road and start up the Garvey Spring Trail (orange markers). The trail passes Laurel Falls on the right then ascends steeply until you reach an old forest road.  The...
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    • Kempton, Pennsylvania

      Hike the Pinnacles and Pulpit Rock

      9 mi / 1200 ft gain
      Park in the lot near the Hamburg Reservoir and hike around the barrier and up the gravel road. Shortly on your right the Appalachian Trail branches off the road. Follow the white blazes of the AT for around 2 miles to the Pulpit Rocks, just before the trail passes the Lehigh Valley Astronomical S...
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    • Washington, New Jersey

      Merrill Creek Reservoir Perimeter Trail

      5.33 mi / 371 ft gain
      Merrill Creek Reservoir Perimeter Trail is a loop trail that takes you by a lake located near Stewartsville, New Jersey.
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    • Greentown, Pennsylvania

      Camp at Pickerel Point Campground

      Pickerel Point Campground rests on a peninsula of the Promised Land Lake, where miles and miles of forest are punctuated by this beautiful body of water. Open sky, fresh mountain air, and the wind whispering through the maples and oaks makes for a truly enchanting place. Campers can engage all ki...
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    • Greentown, Pennsylvania

      Conservation Island Nature Trail

      1.08 mi / 36 ft gain
      Conservation Island Nature Trail is a loop trail that is good for all skill levels located near Greentown, Pennsylvania.
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    • Greentown, Pennsylvania

      Camp at Rustic Bear Wallow Cabins

      Rustic Bear Wallow Cabins are the ideal compromise between going camping and staying home. Enjoy an intimate connection with the natural landscape of Pennsylvania, including two lakes and the Pocono Plateau of Promised Land State Park. Explore the rich landscape, enjoy the water, and come home to...
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    • Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, Pennsylvania

      Kayak/Camp in the Delaware Water Gap

      26 mi
      Take a multi-day kayak or canoe trip in the Delaware Water Gap! Starting at the launch area at Milford Beach, you can kayak downstream in remote waters for 12-13 miles before you reach campsites for your first night of camping on the water. The next day, you can kayak about 6-7 more miles before ...
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    • Bushkill, Pennsylvania

      Bushkill Falls Loop

      1.89 mi / 331 ft gain
      Bushkill Falls offers visitors a choice of 4 different trails to explore. All trails are very well maintained, making this trip safe for the whole family. The most rewarding trail is the Red Trail. This route brings you to all 8 of Bushkill's waterfalls. Taking the trail counter-clockwise, you w...
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    • Bloomsbury, New Jersey

      Hiking in Musconetcong Gorge Preserve

      Start out on Ridge Trail (yellow blazes), found at the rear of the parking lot. Shortly, you will come to a stream crossing, followed by a set of wooden steps. Just before the next stream, turn left following the white blazes. This section of the trail makes a moderately rocky descent, as it foll...
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    • Lehman township, Pennsylvania

      Hike to Hornbeck's Creek Waterfall

      1.2 mi
      GPS Coordinates: 41.187148,-74.885454Driving Directions: From 209, enter into the Delaware Water Gap and in between the 10 and 11 mile markers you will see a sign for Hornbecks Creek with a gravel road adjacent to it. Follow the road back until you reach the parking lot and the trail will be to t...
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