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New Mexico

Looking for the best photography in New Mexico? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around New Mexico. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top Photography Spots in and near New Mexico

  • Carlsbad, New Mexico

    Tour the Left Hand Tunnel in the Carlsbad Caverns

    The Carlsbad Caverns have a self-guided tour sections and a handful of guided tours you have to pay extra for.  For $7 for adults and $3.50 for children, a park ranger puts on an act and even dresses the part of the late Jim White, founder of the Carlsbad Caverns, while taking you on an adventure...
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  • Santa Fe, New Mexico

    Stay in the Hyde State Park Yurts

    Hyde Memorial State Park yurts are nestled high in the Sangre de Cristo mountains amongst the ponderosa pines, and sleep six and provide a modern setting with roots in ancient tradition. Their location in the State Park provide easy access to park's vast trail system.Each bed has  an encapsulated...
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  • Petroglyph National Monument, New Mexico

    Petroglyphs National Monument, Albuquerque, New Mexico

    2 mi / 10 ft gain
    Petroglyph National Park - Amazing Rock Art - Petroglyph National Monument has one of the biggest, and easiest to find group of petroglyphs in the United States. There are over 20,000 carvings in this monument. It is on the western side of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and is easy to reach. The vast m...
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  • Salado Canyon Trail, New Mexico

    Hike the Salado Canyon Trail

    3.4 mi / 307 ft gain
    Fairly easy trail on an old railroad bed. The trail is not steep and has nice scenery. The waterfall is sall but scenic, it is nice to see soe running water in the desert.
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  • Colfax County, New Mexico

    Hike to Clear Creek in Cimarron Canyon State Park

    2.5 mi / 1000 ft gain
    Head North from Eagle Nest towards Cimarron, and about 7 miles (or less) on your right hand, you will find two big signs with a parking area on both sides of the road. If you park on the right side, walk on the inside of the guardrail until you find the trail head sign. If you parked on the left ...
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  • White Sands NM, New Mexico

    Dune Life Nature Trail

    1.8 mi
    Started the hike at the Dune Life Nature trail parking area. Two rangers took us all on the trail . We walked up and down the dunes and some flat areas. We started out at sunset and the views of the sunset were beautiful. 30 minutes later we walked in the dark with light of the moon. The sand was...
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  • Jemez Springs, New Mexico

    Visit the Jemez Soda Dam

    For the past 7,000 years, calcium carbonate at this spot in northern New Mexico. And after all those centuries, it has formed into a natural bridge across the Jemez river, roughly 300 feet in length.  Drive northeast from Jemez Springs on New Mexico State Route 4. Just under 2 miles later, the fo...
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  • Taos, New Mexico

    Drive the Enchanted Circle Scenic Byway

    Start the drive at the Taos Plaza in downtown Taos. You can drive the whole loop and enjoy the beautiful scenery and small villages along the way. In the spring, there may still be snowfall, making the drive even more beautiful.
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  • Socorro, New Mexico

    Explore Box Canyon

    0.75 mi
    From one side of the canyon the other is a total of .75 miles of breath taking scenery of the local New Mexico landscape.
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  • Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico

    Drive the Jemez Mountains Scenic Byway

    Start your road trip at the Pueblo Visitor Center. You can stop at the Jemez State Monument to visit the old ruins of the Mission. Then head to the Jemez Falls. Continue the drive  through beautiful red rock scenery to Los Alamos and Bandelier National Monument. 
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  • Aguirre Springs Road, New Mexico

    Hike the Baylor Pass Trail

    6.9 mi / 1568 ft gain
    Moderate hike in the Organ Mountains Desert Peak National Monument in New Mexico. Very good views of the Organ Mountains , the Tularosa Basin and wildflowers in the summer and fall. Excellent place to see the Organ Mountains evening primrose
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  • Farmington, New Mexico

    Camp in the Bisti Badlands

    4 mi
    After driving down some dirt roads to the marked location, park in the main parking area. Free car camping is allowed here. Look across the blank landscape to the east. A compass may help you keep your bearing while out hiking because there are no trails or trail markers. Exit the parking area by...
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  • Aztec, New Mexico

    Explore Aztec Ruins National Monument

    Stop at the visitor center first then take your time walking the trails and exploring the different rooms, especially the great house. This National Monument is a Unesco World Heritage site.
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  • Silver City, New Mexico

    Hike the Boston Hill Loop

    1.5 mi / 250 ft gain
    The Boston Hill Open Space is a collection of trails on what is actually three hills overlooking the town of Silver City. There are numerous vista and also several now-abandoned mines at various elevation cutting deep gorges and ravines into the hill. The primary trail is the Loop Trail which beg...
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  • Cloudcroft, New Mexico

    Osha Loop Trail

    2.51 mi / 331 ft gain
    Pleasant hike located in the higher elevations of the Sacramento Mountains. Fairly easy hike through forests and meadows. Very good views of the mountains, Whitesands National Monument, and Cloudcroft. Abundant wildflowers in the summer. Good opportunity to connect to other trails in the area. Mu...
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  • Red River, New Mexico

    Enchanted Forest Snowplay Area

    Just above the town of Red River up Bobcat Pass is the Enchanted Forest. As you approach the top of the pass you’ll see signs that point you toward the forest into what looks like a neighborhood. Trust the signs and make the turn. Follow the main road up through the neighborhood and take your sec...
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