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New Mexico

Looking for the best photography in New Mexico? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around New Mexico. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top Photography Spots in and near New Mexico

  • Alamogordo, New Mexico

    Hike Oliver Lee State Park Dog Canyon

    0.7 mi / 101 ft gain
    This State Park is close to the city of Alamagordo , NM. It has a nice creek with water flowing during the rainy season. The Dog Canyon hike is hard but offers great views of the canyon and the canyon walls. Superb views of the Sacramento Mountains. The historic Ranch House can  be visited during...
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  • Deming, New Mexico

    Hike the Thunder Egg Trail

    1.21 mi / 321 ft gain
    This trail is an easy walk through cacti and desert vegetation. Hikers are allowed to collect rocks while hiking this trail. There are designated places where hikers can look for rocks. There are very good views of the Florida Mountains and the valley to the west. In the springtime many blooming ...
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  • Glorieta, New Mexico

    Hike the Glorieta Battlefield Trail

    2.25 mi / 500 ft gain
    This trail is a little tricky to get to, so be sure to stop at the Pecos NHP Visitor Center first for directions. You will also need to retrieve a gate code from the ranger. I would recommend picking up a guide inside the Visitor Center so you know what you're looking at on the trail (important)....
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  • Mogollon, New Mexico

    Explore Mogollon Historic District

    Fun old town located at the bottom of Silver Creek Canyon. Many older mining buildings, mining memorabilia, a museum and hiking trails. There are a couple of restaurants open during the summer. Highway 159 to Mogollon is quite steep and scenic offering great views of the Mogollon Mountains.
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  • Las Cruces, New Mexico

    Hike the Baylor Pass West Trail

    6.3 mi / 1548 ft gain
    Start your hike from the parking lot of Baylor Pass Road. The trail starts to climb gently first and then gradually the climb gets steeper, but nothing too difficult. There is nice desert vegetation along the trail and very good views of the Organ Mountains and valley below.
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  • Fort Stanton, New Mexico

    Explore Fort Stanton Historic Site

    Get started at the visitor center to get the lay of the land. Then, take your time visiting all the historic buildings that are open to the public. This is a great family stop on a road trip as well as a good place to escape the heat during the summer. 
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  • Alamogordo, New Mexico

    Hike Alamo Canyon Loop Trail

    -6.6 mi / 1205 ft gain
    Alamo Canyon Loop trail is a 6.6 miles loop  in the Lincoln National Forest. It is best to start the trail from the junction of TR 107 Roundup Ground trail and hike counter clock wise. There are spectacular views of the canyon and the Sacramento Mountains. There is great variety of desert flora a...
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  • Sunland Park, New Mexico

    Hike Mount Cristo Rey Trail

    4.6 mi / 649 ft gain
    The trails winds its way up the mountain with several stopping places with crosses and other religious artifacts. On top of the mountain is a very large statue of Christ. This hike provides good views of the Franklin Mountains, El Paso, and Mexico. It is best to hike this trail with a group to be...
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  • County Road A005, New Mexico

    Hike to Cox Peak and Mount Riley

    5 mi / 1500 ft gain
    Drove from El Paso to cox Peak this morning. About 45 miles from El Paso. The roads to the mountains are in good condition. Did not hike up the mountain but hiked around the base and enjoyed the views and the cacti. There is not a trail to the top of the mountains and scrambling up the mountain s...
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  • Pecos, New Mexico

    Hike the South Pasture Loop Trail

    3.8 mi / 196 ft gain
    The South Pasture Loop trail, while part of the Pecos NHP, isn't in the main park. Currently, this trail is only open on the weekends and the road gate closes at 1pm. The trail itself closes at 3pm, and takes about 2-3 hours unless you plan on hiking for speed. No pets allowed. 0.7 miles down th...
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  • 18 Faulkner Canyon Road, New Mexico

    Explore Faulkner Canyon

    3 mi / 500 ft gain
    The drive in the canyon is very sandy so a good vehicle is required. In the canyon is the black hill where Billy the Kid and 3 of his friends were hiding out. Was not able to find their names inscribed on one of the rocks.  There are also remnants of an old ranch. Nice walk along a sandy arroyo w...
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  • Doña Ana County, New Mexico

    Explore Providence Cone

    2 mi
    We drove through the desert  on a winding dirt road. Once at the cone we started our climb to the top. The ascent is not too difficult  and once on top we had very good views of the surrounding landscape. Lots of interesting rock formations and also plants. There are several interesting petroglyp...
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  • Church Rock, New Mexico

    Explore Kit Carson Cave

    0.6 mi / 65 ft gain
    ...When you research hiking gems to explore in New Mexico, this cave most likely won't be one of the first ones to pop up. This amazing landmark, called Kit Carson Cave, is a short drive off the I-40 and is located near the town of Gallup.  After a long day of driving, or if you're just looking ...
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  • 16085-16107 North Valley Drive, New Mexico

    Explore Foster Canyon.

    2 mi / 300 ft gain
    Foster canyon is along hwy NM 185 near Buckle Bar Canyon and Faulkner canyon. It is a fairly easy walk  in a sandy arroyo. There some interesting rock formations there. Also by climbing some of the hills off the arroyo you will have some good views of the surrounding mountains.
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  • Vado, New Mexico

    Hike the Sierra Vista Trail from Vado to Bishop's Cap

    4 mi
    Start your hike from the Sierra Vista parking lot. Proceeded NE toward Bishops Cap. At first, the trail goes through some small arroyos and is a little rocky. After about half a mile, the trail is rather flat and goes through some sandy and grassy areas. Enjoy good views of the mountains!
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