Camp in the Bisti Badlands

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    Added by Blake Batchelor

    Otherworldly hoodoos, giant petrified trees, and dinosaur bones!! Bisti is a photographer and explorers dream. No amenities, but there is free camping. The blue hour is amazing out there. Be sure to stop by here if you get the chance!

    After driving down some dirt roads to the marked location, park in the main parking area. Free car camping is allowed here. Look across the blank landscape to the east. A compass may help you keep your bearing while out hiking because there are no trails or trail markers. Exit the parking area by opening and closing the cattle guard. 

    Head due east across the flat landscape towards two big hills. After about a half mile hike to the two lone hills, keep heading due east another mile. You will skirt the north side of some badlands, but you should still be walking mostly across the flat basin still. After about 1.5 miles of heading due east, you will come to an island of well developed hoodoos that provide some really cool photo ops. Be careful, the hoodoos are fragile and should be respected. From here, the cracked eggs, and 2 different areas of petrified trees are all within the next mile. Head east and keep your eyes peeled to the south. This is one of the best places to explore, so make sure you have time to look around! The cracked eggs are old volcanic limestone tubes that have really pretty patterns on them. There are multiple petrified trees, one of which is about 30 feet in length! Please be respectful and report any signs of looting. This is a special area. 

    To get back, head due west and follow the same route and landmarks you followed in. Getting back can be the tricky part so pay attention on the hike in!

    For more details on the area, head to the BLM website or this detailed adventure for exploring Bisiti Badlands and De-Na-Zin Wilderness.

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