Wilmore, Kentucky

Top Spots in and near Wilmore

  • Wilmore, Kentucky

    Hike to the Cave at Asbury Trails

    1 mi / 430 ft gain
    The Asbury University trail system is located just south of Wilmore, KY along the lush emerald banks of the Kentucky River. Leisurely looping through the luscious limestone landmasses of the Kentucky bluegrass region, the trails at Asbury offer visitors an opportunity to obtain up-close understan...
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  • Harrodsburg, Kentucky

    Fulling Mill Falls Loop

    1.28 mi / 105 ft gain
    Fulling Mill Falls Loop is a loop trail that takes you by a waterfall located near Burgin, Kentucky.
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  • Lancaster, Kentucky

    Hike to the Kentucky River Palisades

    2.4 mi / 500 ft gain
    The Tom Dorman State Nature Preserve is maintained by the Nature Conservancy and one of a few preserves in the Kentucky River Palisades ecosystem. The Kentucky River Palisades loop trail leaves from the 8-car parking lot from both directions and follows an old stage coach trail. There are a few ...
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  • Frankfort, Kentucky

    Hike through Cove Spring Park

    1.5 mi / 249 ft gain
    At first glance, Cove Spring Park looks like any normal city park. In reality, it is a waterfall filled, 240 acres nature preserve hiding in plain site of Kentucky's capital city. The property is filled with wetlands, streams, springs, waterfalls, and historic structures that make this a great ge...
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  • Berea, Kentucky

    Hike the Pinnacles in Berea

    6.59 mi / 1014 ft gain
    This is a trip with multiple sites to visit over the course of a day. Visiting all five would equal around 5 miles, or you can choose to only go to one, as there are some slightly strenuous hills. The most visited is the Main Lookout, and the West Pinnacle offers a little rock climbing. Between ...
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  • McKee, Kentucky

    Resurgence Cave

    4.74 mi / 341 ft gain
    Resurgence Cave in McKee, Kentucky offers a unique hiking trail that is both challenging and rewarding. The trail is of moderate difficulty, requiring sturdy footwear and a good level of fitness. It winds through dense forest, past towering rock formations and along the edge of a clear, fast-flow...
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