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The Best Running in Idaho

Looking for the best running in Idaho? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Idaho. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

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Top running spots in and near Idaho

  • Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

    Hike Tubb's Hill

    The trail begins at the base of Tubb's Hill, located just on the outskirts of the Coeur d'Alene Resort. There is usually a fair amount of people on the trail come good weather, though the hike is secluded, quiet, and relaxing for the most part.It begins with a gradual climb, and depending on whic...
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  • Horseshoe Bend, Idaho

    Mountain Bike 'Around the Mountain' at Bogus Basin

    9.5 mi / 1450 ft gain
    'Around the Mountain' is a local mountain bike favorite in Boise. To get there, head up Bogus Basin Road for the full 16 miles until you get to the ski parking lot. Park in the line of cars facing the ski slope. Once you've checked your bike and you're ready to ride, take the trail that begins ju...
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  • Irwin, Idaho

    Hike along Palisades Creek

    2 mi / 1827 ft gain
    The Palisades Creek Nature Trail is a fun little hike with many photographic opportunities. You can make the hike as short or long as you want, so once you're done taking photos, turn back around and head to your vehicle. The trail does eventually lead to Lower and Upper Palisades Lake, but this ...
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  • Murphy, Idaho

    Mountain Bike to the Petroglyphs at Wees Bar

    12.2 mi / 1000 ft gain
    At Wees Bar, a remote area accessible only by bike or foot, explore hundreds of petroglyphs carved into glacial boulders by Native Americans 12,000 years ago. Begin at the Swan Falls Dam parking lot. Bring a fat bike in late summer and fall to glide over the dry, loose dirt that forms as the cany...
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  • Hailey, Idaho

    Hike Carbonate Mountain

    1.88 mi / 1306 ft gain
    Starting at 5,315ft elevation and ascending to 6,585ft, this short hike is a great way to see and experience Hailey, Idaho. From Hailey main street head west on Bullion St, the trailhead parking is to the right just after you cross the Big Wood River.You have two choices when hiking Carbonate, yo...
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  • Scotchman Peak, Idaho

    Hike Scotchman Peak

    8 mi / 3651 ft gain
    Start in the morning and beat the heat. This hike is switchbacks all the way to the top, no flat spots. Take a break at a small dirt clearing about halfway from the top. Keep pushing and you can arrive at the summit (7009 feet) within 3 hours. On top you will find mountain goats and 360 degree vi...
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  • Hailey, Idaho

    Mountain Bike at Corral Creek

    7 mi / 600 ft gain
    Park at the Trail Creek trailhead 2.5 miles north of Sun Valley. Pedal north and cross a wooden bridge over Trail Creek. Climb onto the bench and bike straight across toward the burned trees. Turn left onto signed Corral Creek Trail #325.Nearly all of the 600 feet of climbing is done on the way o...
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  • Twin Falls County, Idaho

    Hike Eagle Loop

    2.5 mi
    This is a well-maintained trail that's fairly easy. You hike through a forested area to eventually reach the top of a sage-covered ridge offering expansive views of the surrounding area before descending back down to a lovely meadow and more forest. You're likely to be the only person/group on th...
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  • Lemhi County, Idaho

    Whitewater Raft the Main Salmon River

    80 mi / -1000 ft gain
    The section of the Salmon River between Corn Creek and Carey Creek, known as the "Main" among boaters, flows through the second deepest canyon on the continent (only Hells Canyon is deeper).  The Main is one of the best all around river trips in the west and offers a spectacular road-less wildern...
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  • Ketchum, Idaho

    Imogene Lake to Toxaway Lake to Alice Lake Loop

    26.72 mi / 5184 ft gain
    Imogene Lake to Toxaway Lake to Alice Lake Loop is a stunning trail that takes you  to multiple alpine lakes near Stanley, Idaho. Permits are required for camping, which can be filled out at the trailhead. Visit the Forest Service site for more details.
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  • Post Falls, Idaho

    Upper Falls Loop

    2.91 mi / 381 ft gain
    Upper Falls Loop is a loop trail that takes you by a river located near Post Falls, Idaho.
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  • Sun Valley, Idaho

    White Cloud Nine

    4.02 mi / 712 ft gain
    White Cloud Nine is a loop trail that takes you past scenic surroundings located near Sun Valley, Idaho.
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  • Boise, Idaho

    Owl's Roost, Gold Finch and Red Fox Loop

    2.89 mi / 289 ft gain
    Owl's Roost, Gold Finch and Red Fox Loop is a loop trail where you may see beautiful wildflowers located near Boise, Idaho.
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  • Boise, Idaho

    Bucktail, Shane's, and the Central Ridge Trails

    6.91 mi / 1142 ft gain
    Bucktail, Shane's, and the Central Ridge Trails is a loop trail that takes you by a river located near Boise, Idaho.
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  • Irwin, Idaho

    Upper Palisades Lake Trail

    13.46 mi / 1594 ft gain
    Upper Palisades Lake Trail is an out-and-back trail that takes you by a lake located near Irwin, Idaho.
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  • Inkom, Idaho

    South Fork Inman Trail

    4.08 mi / 666 ft gain
    South Fork Inman Trail is an out-and-back trail where you may see local wildlife located near Inkom, Idaho.
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