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    Looking for the best snowboarding in Idaho? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Idaho. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

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    Top Snowboarding Spots in and near Idaho

    • Bruneau, Idaho

      Hike the Bruneau Sand Dunes

      3 mi / 470 ft gain
      Set off from the Bruneau Lake parking lot and circumnavigate the lake in a clockwise direction. The hike traverses small rolling dunes before beginning it's ascent of the big dune. The big dune rises 450 feet and it's loose sand is both entertaining to climb as well as a test of patience.The 360 ...
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    • McCall, Idaho

      Soak in Burgdorf Hot Springs

      Burgdorf, Idaho's backcountry oasis, features several rentable cabins located about 30 miles north of McCall. Each season provides its own outdoor opportunity, and Burgdorf provides an epic hub in which to enjoy them.To get there from Boise, drive through McCall and hang a right after the Shore L...
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    • Hailey, Idaho

      Pioneer Yurt via Hyndman Creek Trail

      6.91 mi / 1650 ft gain
      This trek starts about 25 minutes from Ketchum, Idaho at the Hyndman Creek Trailhead. As a general rule of thumb, Sun Valley is a great place to be in the fall, and this adventure is no different. The hike itself follows the beautiful Hyndman Creek and is only about 3.5 miles, but the daunting st...
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    • Arco, Idaho

      Backcountry Ski on a Cinder Cone at Craters of the Moon

      2 mi / 500 ft gain
      Craters of the Moon National Monument is 1100 square miles of basalt lava and sagebrush. It looks like another planet: desolate in macro, beautiful in micro. Craters is most popular in the summer, when visitors from nearby Sun Valley arrive to hike on sun-baked lava hot enough to melt their shoes...
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