Castaic, California

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Top Fitness Spots in and near Castaic

  • Santa Clarita, California

    Hike to Saint Francis Dam Disaster National Monument

    3.2 mi / 153 ft gain
    The Saint Francis Dam Disaster National Monument, established in 2019, memorializes the site where the Saint Francis Dam, built by famed engineer William Mulholland, collapsed in 1929, tragically killing more than 400 people in the middle of the night as a 150+ foot wave of water crashed through ...
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  • Stevenson Ranch, California

    Towsley Canyon Loop

    5.84 mi / 1460 ft gain
    The Towsley Canyon Loop can be done in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise loop. The clockwise path starts with a gradual ascent through Wiley Canyon and steep descent into the Towsley Gorge while a counter-clockwise route starts with a steep climb out of Towsley Canyon and a gradual descent ...
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  • Lake Hughes, California

    Hike the Pacific Crest Trail from Horse Trail to Bear Campground

    11.63 mi / 2396 ft gain
    This is part of the Pacific Crest Trail. If you're through-hiking or sectional hiking, you'll have to hit it eventually. Try and avoid it in the late summer or early fall because of heat, and gnats. Find a way to check the bug report, we got marauded by gnats 90% of the way (early October) and ap...
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  • Los Angeles, California

    Verdugo Mountain Traverse

    12.13 mi / 0 ft gain
    The Verdugo Mountain Range is a small, rugged range spanning across the northeast end of the San Fernando Valley from Sun Valley to Glendale. With close to 50 miles of graded and well-maintained trails, the Verdugos are surprisingly underutilized and make a great place for someone looking to esca...
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  • Topanga, California

    Calabasas Peak Motorway

    7.23 mi / 1565 ft gain
    Getting There You can, from Los Angeles, go one of three ways: take I-405 to US-101 and head west, or from downtown, take US-101 the whole way, OR, get on I-10 from the Westside or east of there and take that until it becomes PCH, then take that to Topanga Canyon (turn left onto Old Topanga Cany...
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  • Agoura Hills, California

    Ladyface Peak

    2.05 mi / 971 ft gain
    Ladyface is a volcanic ridge that juts up over Agoura Hills. It is a short but steep hike up the ridgeline, and it offers amazing views to either side. Sections of the trail are steep and sandy so it can be challenging to maintain your footing. Trekking poles are optional and can help with the de...
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  • Burbank, California

    Old Youth Camp Loop

    2.59 mi / 732 ft gain
    The Old Youth Camp Loop is a 2.6-mile loop with over 700 feet of elevation gain that can be ran, hiked, or even mountain biked if you prefer. While not completely empty the area receives very little visitors and is a great place to enjoy a little more solitude than near by hiking locations. The l...
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  • Los Angeles, United States

    Verdugo Crest Trail

    6.71 mi / 2510 ft gain
    The Verdugo Crest Trail is a 6.6 mile loop near Glendale, California. The trail features lovely wildflowers in the spring and beautiful views year-round. The trail is steep, so make sure you are wearing sturdy running or walking shoes. Dogs are allowed on the trail but must be kept on leash.  Va...
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  • Los Angeles County, California

    Backbone Trail via Corral Canyon

    2.08 mi / 89 ft gain
    The backbone trail was a vision that started in the 1980’s. It is a trail that stretches 65 Miles starting in Will Rodgers State Historic Park and ending at Thornhill Broome Beach. It has many entrance and exit points but it is anchored in the middle by the Coral Canyon Trail Head. The full trail...
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  • Los Angeles, California

    Cahuenga Peak Loop Trail

    3.88 mi / 1237 ft gain
    The Cahuenga Peak Loop is perfect for trail runners and hikers. The trailhead is in Hollywood Hills - park off to the side on a street. This trail features beautiful wildflowers in the spring. Dogs are allowed on the trail if kept on leash. The trail can be dusty and dirty, so watch your step. Ke...
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  • Los Angeles, California

    Wisdom Tree

    0.95 mi / 528 ft gain
    In Griffith Park, park along Lake Hollywood Drive and walk the paved quarter mile up Wonder View Drive to the start of Wonder View Trail. Here, walk through the yellow gate and make the first right after the road turns to dirt. Head up this unmarked single track path heading east up the mountain....
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  • Los Angeles, California

    Aileen Getty Ridge Trail

    3.55 mi / 1194 ft gain
    The Aileen Getty Ridge Trail is a singletrack trail that runs between Mt. Lee and Burbank Peak (the location of the Wisdom Tree). Though there are many options to access this trail, the most direct route is from the west via the Wonder View Trailhead. Start by parking on Lake Hollywood Drive near...
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  • Los Angeles, California

    Lake Hollywood Trail

    3.35 mi / 249 ft gain
    The Lake Hollywood Trail features beautiful wildflowers in the spring and is wheelchair accessible. A majority of the trail is paved, but approximately .6 miles is on dirt. Some of the trail is shaded, but bring sun protection regardless - especially in the summer. Dogs are not allowed on this tr...
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  • Glendale, California

    Beaudry Loop

    5.79 mi / 1572 ft gain
    The Beaudry Loop trail features a bench at the top with 360 degree views of the greater LA area. The trailhead is a little hidden on Beaudry Blvd. As Beaudry Blvd turns into Beaudry Terrace, you'll see cars parked at the paved trailhead. There is very little shade on the trail so bring ample sun...
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  • Malibu, California

    Hike the Backbone East from Latigo Canyon

    3.8 mi / 780 ft gain
    Starting in a dusty, generally empty parking lot, at about 2,000' ASL, you'll go immediately due north, up a few more feet before you drop down into another canyon covered in live oaks (and poison oak), thistles, ferns, and wildflowers. There's only one trail. It's windy, it's not hilly, it just ...
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  • 1501 Will Rogers State Park Road, California

    Backbone Trail via Will Rogers State Park

    3.02 mi / 656 ft gain
    You'll make your way up Will Rogers State Park Road, located just minutes from Santa Monica, Brentwood, Westwood, Malibu, Palisades, and much of west Los Angeles. Once on the road, head all the way to the top and you'll dead end into the parking lot. Always worth supporting State Parks with the p...
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