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Castaic, California

Looking for the best chillin in Castaic? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Castaic. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top Chillin Spots in and near Castaic

  • Castaic, California

    Paddle Castaic Lake State Recreational Area

    6 mi
    Castaic Lake is a man made reservoir located 41 miles north of downtown Los Angeles, CA in the town of Castaic. Made up of two bodies of water, separated by a 425-foot dam, Upper and Lower Castaic Lakes have a combined 29 miles of shoreline forming the Castaic Lake State Recreational Area. The s...
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  • Santa Clarita, California

    Hike to Saint Francis Dam Disaster National Monument

    3.2 mi / 153 ft gain
    The Saint Francis Dam Disaster National Monument, established in 2019, memorializes the site where the Saint Francis Dam, built by famed engineer William Mulholland, collapsed in 1929, tragically killing more than 400 people in the middle of the night as a 150+ foot wave of water crashed through ...
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  • Stevenson Ranch, California

    Hike the Towsley Canyon Loop

    5.1 mi / 1340 ft gain
    The Towsley Canyon Loop can be done in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise loop. The clockwise path starts with a gradual ascent through Wiley Canyon and steep descent into the Towsley Gorge while a counter-clockwise route starts with a steep climb out of Towsley Canyon and a gradual descent ...
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  • Los Angeles, California

    Reseda Point

    0.2 mi / 30 ft gain
    From the 118 FWY, exit Reseda and head north until you pass by Calle Vista Circle. Once passed, make a U-turn and park on the side of the street. Here you will find the trailhead for the Palisades Trail Hike. To get to the scenic lookout, simply walk up the short trail leading up the hill, and h...
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  • Los Angeles, California

    Stoney Point Park Loop

    0.73 mi / 141 ft gain
    Once you've parked along Topanga Canyon Blvd, make your way down the street and start the trail off near the steel gate, close to the horse stables. As you make your way in, you will notice some rock climbers practicing on the lower elevation rocks. Make your way around this rocky park, counter-...
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  • Los Angeles, California

    Hike up Chatsworth Park North

    1 mi
    From the parking lot, make your way through the park until you reach the bottom of a hill filled with huge rocks and boulders. It is very hard to miss.From here, you can pick any trail you wish. They will all lead up to the top. There's a lot of rock scrambling involved, as well as boulder hoppin...
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  • Agua Dulce, California

    Vasquez Rocks

    2.42 mi / 367 ft gain
    This is a Natural Park Area located in Santa Clarita, within the Sierra Pelona Mountains. It features amazing diagonal rock formations, created because of the force between two tectonic plates pushing against each other. This place is a photographer's paradise, and every spot in this 900+ acre l...
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  • San Fernando, California

    Pacoima Park Natural Wash Park

    0.54 mi / 13 ft gain
    Pacoima Park Natural Wash Park makes for a wonderful & pleasant walk. The entrance to the park is located at the corner of Newton St and 8th St and runs up to Foothill Blvd in San Fernando California. The park is ADA accessible and allows for dogs on leash. There are also picnic tables and dr...
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  • Los Angeles, California

    Cave of Munits

    1.53 mi / 299 ft gain
    Are you looking for a hike that offers trail running, scenic views, hiking, and CAVE exploring? This short, but exciting trail leads you on a short 0.8 mile hike to the Cave of Munits. When starting at the main trailhead, El Scorpion Park, take the wide paved dirt road all the way till you get to...
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  • Ventura County, California

    Hike the Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve Trail

    8.6 mi / 1851 ft gain
    The most popular point of entry is through the Victory Trailhead, which has ample parking. You can park on the street or you can pay $3 to park at the trailhead parking lot. You can also enter at the Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Trailhead at the northern end of Las Virgenes Canyon Road in Calabasas....
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  • Lancaster, California

    Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve

    2 mi / 900 ft gain
    If you're going during wildflower season, start your adventure at the visitors center at the end of 150th St. W. Parking in the lot outside the visitors center is $10, but there is ample street parking that is free. In the visitors center you can read more about the reserve, plan your hike, and s...
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  • Topanga, California

    Top of Topanga Overlook

    1 mi / 1613 ft gain
    The Top of Topanga Overlook is where you can simply park your car, and sit in one of the benches to view the San Fernando Valley. But there is one hiking trail in that area which lets you get better vantage points, as well as a quick workout. Once you get to the overlook, park your car and safel...
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  • Los Angeles, California

    Verdugo's North Ridge Trail

    12.7 mi / 2684 ft gain
    The Verdugo Mountain Range is a small, rugged range spanning across the northeast end of the San Fernando Valley from Sun Valley to Glendale. With close to 50 miles of graded and well-maintained trails, the Verdugos are surprisingly underutilized and make a great place for someone looking to esca...
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  • Los Angeles County, California

    Trail Canyon Falls

    4.56 mi / 1017 ft gain
    To get to the trail, take Big Tujunga Canyon Road until you see signs for Trail Canyon Road. The entry point is easy to miss, but keep an eye out for a stop sign and cars parked at the bottom of a dirt path. Drive up the dirt path for direct parking at the trailhead (4x4 is definitely recommended...
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  • Thousand Oaks, California

    Hiking Wildwood Regional Park

    Wildwood Regional Park is open year-round, easily accessible, and offers great routes for hiking, running, biking, and even horseback riding. There are also two waterfalls inside the park—the larger of the two, Paradise Falls, cascades 40 feet into a large pool. To catch some beautiful views of t...
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  • Los Angeles, California

    Hike to Vanalden Vista

    2 mi / 300 ft gain
    To get to the trailhead take Vanalden Ave until it dead ends. Follow the trail at the end of the road as it winds up into the mountains and to the left. You can easily find the trail on Google Maps, so you can use this as a guide. The trail will fork to the left after half a mile. The trail, Vana...
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