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  • Paradise Valley
  • Paradise Valley, Arizona

    Top Spots in and near Paradise Valley

    • Black Canyon City, Arizona

      Richinbar Mine and Pueblo Trail

      2.36 mi / 92 ft gain
      Richinbar Mine and Pueblo Trail is a loop trail where you may see beautiful wildflowers located near Crown King, Arizona.
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    • Roosevelt, Arizona

      Visit Tonto National Monument

      1.5 mi / 305 ft gain
      Explore two remarkably preserved American Indian cliff dwellings that date back to the 13th century. Set within a shelter bluff on the side of steep cliffs, the Upper and Lower Cliff Dwellings are well protected, and have great views of the surrounding Sonoran Desert. If you get to the park early...
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    • Payson, Arizona

      Hike Barnhardt Trail

      8 mi / 1912 ft gain
      To get to the trailhead, use the turnoff of highway 87 labeled Barnhardt trail (has a marked sign coming from both Payson and Phoenix). Barnhardt road is just over 4 miles and is unpaved. The road can be driven on by lower clearance cars because the terrain is not too rocky. Once at the trailhead...
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    • Black Canyon City, Arizona

      Badger Springs Wash Trail

      1.48 mi / 98 ft gain
      Badger Springs Wash Trail is an out-and-back trail that takes you by a waterfall located near Cordes Junction, Arizona.
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    • Black Canyon City, Arizona

      Hike the Badger Spring Wash Trail

      4 mi
      Badger Spring Wash is a dry stream bed most of the year. This trail starts from the Badger Spring Trailhead just off Route 17 north from Phoenix. The trail follows the stream bed, sometimes in or along side for 1.5 miles. At about one mile, you reach the spring and a good amount of water which is...
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