Hike to Harder Kulm

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Awesome day hike with big views of Interlaken

There are a few different ways to reach the top of Harder Kulm, which are mainly dependent upon your budget and fitness level. The way many people reach the top is by a cable car, that depending on when you go, can cost around CHF 32.00, which is close to USD 32.00. The alternative way is by trail, or a connection of trails, depending on how much time you have and what difficulty you are seeking. 

Most of the trails on this side of the valley will lead you up to Harder Kulm, some may just take a little longer. A few run into neighboring towns before heading up the mountain, while one is pretty straight forward. The main trail begins at the Harder Kulm Rail Station that is located at the base of Harder Kulm. There will be signs beside the station that will point to Harder Kulm with an average hiking time of 2hrs. 30 min. This is the trail you want. It is considered a bergwanderweg (see below for definition) and can be done in a little under 2 hrs of moderate hiking (most all of the trails are marked by time rather than distance). If you have time, you can extend your trek another few hours by connecting other trails that run along the ridge of Harder Kulm, that will eventually take you back into the valley. 

There is a restaurant on top if you are looking for a post-hike meal, but can be pretty pricy. There is also a lookout point that is free to the public, as well as big views from different sections of the ridge. Some of the best views come from the trails so if you have time, want to save a little money, and are up for the challenge, go for the hike! 


There are several signs located along the hike, but the names change when the trails run together. A "Wanderweg" is simply a "trail" and a "Bergwanderweg" is a "mountain trail". The main difference between these two is difficulty. There are several signs that have these descriptions on them rather than the trail names themselves. There are also a few side-trails and detours that will make things a little confusing but just continue to follow the blazes. 

The bergwanderweg trail is identified by a white-red-white (see pictures) blaze.

The best thing to do is grab a hiking map from somewhere before you head out! The trail systems can be confusing but better identified if you have a map! This will also allow you to customize your hiking trip because there are so many different loops you can create!

Bring water and a snack (and maybe an extra layer)!

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