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Shaun O'NeillExplorer

Plenty of parking, not usually super crowded, easy family and dog friendly walks. Just make sure to clean up after family members, regardless of how many legs they have.

Nice day hike, not terribly difficult for the awesome views and that's why it'll draw tons of people. Get there early, or go during the week if you can, especially during the fall foliage season. Definitely is not enough parking for everyone during peak times.

It's a nice little area, fire tower has nice views for the minimal effort. Keep in mind this isn't state land so there can be various events and permissions given, and I believe the property can be hunted during certain times of the year so plan accordingly.

If you didn't know it was there, you'd never know it was there. Small area with understandably small parking, but a great summer spot to grab some pictures and maybe take a dip if you're brave enough.

Great for taking younger kids or older family, the park keeps expanding and the informative signs are great for the younger ones. Best part is it's right in town, and a short walk down the street to Lakeside Licks!

Awesome views for such a short hike, quite close to camping areas as well. Still gives a decent workout on the way up!

Great family spot looking for less adventure. Picnics, yard games, or taking in the architecture and seasonal gardens it can be a nice spot in the spring and summer for some low key outdoor fun.

It's a bummer they don't allow dogs, but other than that its a simple walk along the river that has real nice views. Especially nice in the fall. The dirt road that leads there is very narrow and lined with homes, so be respectful and careful on the way in. Parking is super limited so plan accordingly in summer and take the short walk up the road to Indian Brook.

Short walk up basically a service road lays out great views in every direction. Those afraid of heights may want to take it slow and steady, especially on a breezy day. Nice in all seasons, all times of day.

Beautiful place, can swing wildly between being very busy and very quiet. Great place to trail run laps or get the dog out, just keep them on a leash. Bonus points for having camping nearby if you're coming from out of the area and need a place to call home base.

The views can be nice, good place for taking less adventurous family members. Always going to be busy on weekends. Don't expect peace and quiet to clear your head, better for popping in the ear buds and going for a run or ride.

Perfect place for an easy walk that has big views, especially during fall. The falls can be very hit or miss depending on the recent rain fall. You do have to pay to park and it's not a very large lot so get there early and car pool!

This is a fun hike, especially to bring new hikers on. It's not terribly difficult but you'll break a sweat and be rewarded with awesome views. The different trails that cross through here can be confusing, I highly suggest having a trail map (I love the NYNJ Trail Conference maps for everything in the Hudson Valley). A note on the parking, you can only access the parking lot if you're on 9W heading north, so plan your drive accordingly!

This hike is one of the best in the entire Hudson Valley. Once you get off the carriage roads, every inch of the trail is interesting and fun, and the views are insane!