Scott Sichler

Full-time traveler out exploring in our RV.


The views of the Cascade Mountains from the summit are great. The surrounding lava rock makes it seem surreal.

Closed August 2018

Went to the ranger station in Sisters today 8/21/18 and they told me it was closed because someone started a fire in here and they are figuring out how to protect the bats. Check before going.

Great views

This is a fairly short but steep hike with great views on a clear day.


One of my favorite hikes I have ever done. Don't underestimate the difficulty of the hike based on the mileage. It's very strenuous navigating through the river and scrambling over rocks and fallen trees. The river bed can be extremely slick in places so bring hiking poles or walking stick. Budget plenty of time to take photos and soak in the beauty of this place.

Short hike with great views

A short but steep hike up for some awesome views. The observation deck was nicely done.

Fun ride with epic views

The sun here can be brutal but the views make it all worth it.

A hike to a little Shangri La in the Sierras

We stayed at Tuttle Creek Campground and I was curious what was up the little dirt road I could see going into the mountains. I drove our Jeep to the upper parking area. The hike was very steep but the entire area is stunning. My GPS showed about a 4 mile round trip.


It's now $8 per day but still a pretty good deal for the amazing views. Big spots.

Bucket List

Put this one on the bucket list. We have done three trips on boats and one by helicopter. Still, need to kayak!

Dr. Seuss in Baja

Nice write up of a really interesting place. The landscape is really otherworldly and looks like some something out of a Dr. Seuss book. We went in March and this part of Highway 1 was really bad with huge potholes. Don't drive at night.

Great spot

Love hiking here. Great place to SUP and surf too!

Out of this world

You can park for 30 minutes free at the Buttercup Ranger Station to avoid buying a permit. The dunes are really interesting.

Great Views

Awesome views of the badlands and surrounding area. A sunset or sunrise here would be pretty epic. You might not need 4WD to get out here but then again you might... I took some video on a cloudy day -

Video of the canyon and slot

Desert Art

These sculptures are really fun to see. Very detailed and huge! A definite must see when out in Borrego Springs.

over 3 years ago

Slots O fun

This is a really fun hike. The slot is a little tight in spots but doable by most people. We like to hike out into cliffs beyond the slots for great views of the area.

Short hike to great waterfalls

I hiked here twice this Summer and really enjoyed it. I posted a video on YouTube -

Fun hike

These two canyons make for a fun hike. The ladders looked pretty safe when I went. I would recommend a hydration pack or small pack to carry water bottles as you will need both hands to climb. I posted a story with video -


We opted to stay at nearby Goosenecks State Park and did a day trip through here. Will definitely camp here next time. Beautiful and much less crowded than monument valley.

Great hike

I've done this trail many times and really like it. It's very close to Palm Springs. Great views. It's a good climb in short distance so you can get a workout in if you hike fast or run.

Don't race out

Great description and details on a very cool place to visit. If you are thinking about doing this in a passenger car, pay attention to the author's advice on tires. These rocks can chew your tires up. We made the drive in our Jeep without needing to use 4x4 but did take air out of the tires to make the washboard a little more comfortable.

Slots o fun

I enjoyed exploring these with my wife. We obtained our $12 permits from Tribal Parks Office next to the Leche-e Chapter House (open on weekdays). We saw some trash and graffiti in the slots. Please respect these places and leave no trace.

Great hike

I really enjoyed this one. I got a little muddy and wish I had brought poles and minimalist outdoor shoes in addition to my boots for the muddy spots. Bring exact change ($6) for the permit. Check the weather and stop at the BLM office as rain as far away as Brice Canyon can affect the slot. Some video I took -

Lovely area

Great pictures. We stayed here at the Cold Water Cove Campground. We enjoyed hiking around the lake and to the nearby waterfalls. Epic moutain biking on the McKenzie River Trail. We also stand up paddleboard the lake. After an active week we hit the Belknap Springs for some soaking in their hot spring fed pools. Bliss.