Explore the Ruins & Pinturas Rupestres of Cataviña

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10,000 year old cave paintings juxtaposed with modernist ruins set in an otherworldly landscape of massive boulders, giant cacti, and alien-like boojum.

Cataviña is one of those places that defies description and is a favorite of all who visit Baja beyond the typical tourist haunts of the border towns and Cabo. It is an almost-alien landscape of massive boulders strewn amongst the world's largest cactus, the cardón, interspersed with the giant tentacle-like boojum.

Just off the road you can find the ruins of a long-abandoned museum set next to a cave containing 10,000 year old paintings by an indigenous people long gone.

To get there you will need to drive down Highway 1 at least 6 hours from the US-Mexico border at Tijuana, 120 km south of the last gas station at El Rosario. From Cabo San Lucas it is a 15 hour drive, or at least 240 km north of the last gas station at Guerro Negro. In this section of Highway 1 the road is largely dirt and gravel, and is often washed out in places.

In other words: bring extra gasoline and a spare tire.

There is a restaurant and a small hotel in the "town" of Cataviña south of the cave paintings. 


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Dr. Seuss in Baja

Nice write up of a really interesting place. The landscape is really otherworldly and looks like some something out of a Dr. Seuss book. We went in March and this part of Highway 1 was really bad with huge potholes. Don't drive at night.