Hike to Goldstrike Hot Springs

5 miles 935 ft gain  - Out-and-Back Trail

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This fun, technical hike is only 30 minutes outside of Vegas and a fairly well-kept secret. It features beautiful canyons, rock scrambling, and three picturesque hot springs -- perfect for those who love a challenge and a relaxing soak. Even locals are only just discovering this hidden gem.

The first mile is flat and deceivingly easy as you walk under a highway bridge and in between looming canyon walls. But don't get too comfortable -- at around the 1.5 mile mark you will reach the first of eight ropes along the trail and the challenge begins. You will need to use these ropes to maneuver down large rocks and boulders. There are arrows spray painted on the walls to help with direction, but if you want to attempt some bouldering, you can choose your own more challenging path.

There are three hot springs along this hike. The first spring may be dried up depending on the time of year you go. Skip soaking here and continue to the second spring which is warmer in temperature and adjacent to a cool "secret" cave (the Cave of Wonders). After testing out the waters, follow a warm stream and pass a couple of waterfalls until you reach the third hot spring. This spring is the hottest offers the best views -- the surrounding canyons provide the perfect natural hot tub setting.

If you want to continue, hike about a quarter mile down and you will reach the Colorado River. This is worth the wonderful photo opportunity. You can cool off here -- dip your toes or wade around and feel the warm spring waters merge into the cold river -- but be aware the water levels and current can change rapidly.

The hike back is challenging as you will most likely be wet or at least have wet feet so watch your step on the slippery boulders!

Note: Avoid this hike in the summer months as temperatures rise above 100 degrees and there have been many reported incidents of heat stress.

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about 2 months ago

Nice Hot Springs

I really enjoyed the hot springs in Gold Strike canyon. I hiked in from the river and did some exploring. Great spot.

🥇Top Contributor

5 months ago

Great hike!

Had a blast doing this hike. It was our first hot springs hike! Like others have said, it's very exposed so bring lots of water, sunscreen and a hat. Parking was easy and free!


over 1 year ago

Boulder scrambler galore!

I love climbing on rocks. I’m not a rock climber but have always enjoyed this. But be warned- this hike is hard. I’m a little out of shape yes, but I can still always swim a mile, run a 5 k and bike 20 on any given day. While i loved the boulder scrambling and ropes - it was hard, breathtakingly hot and I was really hoping to be done with the boulder scrambling before I was done 😂. I loved it and was miserable by the end all at once. My husband and I took 8 bottles of water. I drank 3.5 and he drank 4.5 and we ran out. At the end we went to a gas station and I drank a whole water, 44 oz coke and a 32 oz Gatorade! I had little to no saliva by the end. Yes, I would do this hike again and I love the adventure of it. But please be careful, carry way more water than you estimate. Agree it’s not for pets or kids. I actually slipped off a rock once I made it to the top.

Do it!

Did this hike on a Saturday in March. It was chilly early in the morning, but warmed up pretty good, so this seemed like a good time of year to go. The parking lot is just off an exit off I-11 and US-93 that has a round-about. I believe it's the US-172 interchange. Putting Gold Strike Canyon in your GPS app should get you close. The hike was really good - much better than I expected. The scramble sections are challenging. The scenery is beautiful. The hot springs were really fun. Bummer: lots of people. Some came down the canyon like I did, but there were some groups in kayaks that paddled in from the river as well. I might try a weekday if I go again.

Challenging but worth it!

I went in early summer when it was hot but not over 95 degrees, Goldstrike is usually closed most of the summer due to the extreme heat (Vegas people will understand). For the first mile and-a-half it was quite easy, but after a while it got more difficult with the ropes and it took some time more because it was crowded. I highly recommend going further down after the third pool to find a lovely hot waterfall and refreshing river. The walk back was exhausting after climbing so much and me, being smart (sarcasm) decided not to wait for other people pulling themselves up a rope, and jumped down about 6 ft onto a boulder and hurt my knees. So the walk back was very difficult but next time I will be slightly more careful. The only thing that I didn't like very much was how many people were there but when I found a nice spot Definitely going back again next summer, it was well worth the trip and a lot of fun.

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